A talented GTA 6 fan has removed the pink from Trailer 1’s opening shot, and it looks incredible!

The long-awaited return to Vice City is finally happening in GTA 6, and Rockstar wasted no time in cashing in on fan nostalgia.

During the opening of Grand Theft Auto 6’s debut trailer, we see a familiar pink sunset revealing our first look at the new-and-improved state of Leonida.

But while this matches the beloved Vice City aesthetic, we’ve always wondered what it’d look like with a more realistic color palette. Now, we’ve got our answer!

A More Realistic GTA 6?

Over on the GTA 6 subreddit, Reddit user Dazzling_Lime2021 has adjusted the colors on the opening shot of Trailer 1, showing off what Leonida might look like in-game:

The result is a stunning glimpse of Rockstar’s upcoming open-world environment, with a spectacular golden glow illuminating the beautiful blue skies above Vice City.

The adjusted color palette is reminiscent of Red Dead Redemption 2, which is why it looks so familiar to longtime fans of the developer.

byu/Dazzling_Lime2021 from discussion

When compared to the pink sunset shown in Rockstar Games’ official trailer, it’s quite a noticeable change.

Personally, we’re a big fan of the vibes that the GTA 6 trailer has to offer – and we’re sure many of its 200 million viewers agree! Check out how good the original trailer shot looks in the image below:

Pink GTA 6 Skyline

But could this actually be what GTA 6 looks like when we finally get our hands on it in Fall 2025? Or will Vice City actually have the pink overtone that the trailer suggests?

The Case for Pink

But while the edited footage above might look more ‘realistic,’ it’s worth noting that Miami is known for its striking sunrises and sunsets.

Although Florida residents won’t encounter a pink skyline every day without fail, the state does have its fair share of colorful skies.

Reportedly, the pink sunset is due to a sun that’s low in the sky, having to pass through a thicker layer of atmosphere, leading to longer light wavelengths.

Longer wavelengths manifest as orange or even pink skies, especially as airborne pollutants soften the more typically red sunsets into a pastel palette.

Therefore, we think it’s likely that the trailer reflects exactly how GTA 6 will look at sunset, at the very least from time to time.

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