GTA 6 has us returning to Vice City which is based on one of real-world Florida’s most iconic cities. Here’s everything you need to know about the new map’s setting!

In Grand Theft Auto 6, Rockstar Games decided to make a welcome return to one of its most iconic maps.

We’ve actually visited Vice City multiple times in GTA’s long history, including in the original Grand Theft Auto, but fans will best remember it from GTA: Vice City, and its prequel, Vice City Stories.

And for those wondering, yes, that beloved location is based on a real American city.

Vice City’s Real World Counterpart

GTA 6’s Vice City is based on the city of Miami, Florida.

Just as it was in the original Vice City games, the location is heavily inspired by Miami, and features many geographical similarities with the coastal metropolis.

The Miami beach is famously echoed as Vice Beach, and other iconic locations such as Wynwood and the Kaseya Center basketball arena are also confirmed to have in-game counterparts.

Miami vs GTA 6 Vice City Comparison
Real Miami (Left) vs GTA 6 Map Concept (Right)
Credit: VIMAP

Of course, Vice City, as players remember it, will be getting a major expansion in GTA 6.

Not only do leaks indicate that more buildings will have explorable interiors this time around, but the city itself is far larger than it was the last time we saw it.

Just take a look at this comparison of the original Vice City map, compared to the GTA 6 mapping community‘s estimation of how the new Vice City will look.

GTA Vice City vs GTA 6 Vice City
The Original Vice City (Left) vs GTA 6 Map Concept (Right)
Credit: VIMAP

If the city looks a little different, it’s because GTA 6 is set in a different universe from the original Vice City games!

And even beyond the borders of Vice City, there are more real-world references in the GTA 6 map.

Where Is GTA 6 Set?

GTA 6 is set in Leonida, a state inspired by Florida, USA.

When the game releases, players will be able to visit more than just Vice City; in fact, the city itself looks to be just one small part of the total map’s scope!

Areas such as the Florida Keys, Everglades, and even the Panhandle appear to be available for players to explore.

The Latest GTA 6 Mapping Community Submission
Credit: VIMAP

Of course, despite the similarities in appearance, we don’t expect Leonida to actually be the size of Florida. However, it does appear that GTA 6’s map will be far, far bigger than even GTA 5’s San Andreas!

Even in the game’s first trailer, we get a look at some of Leonida’s less industrial areas, suggesting that there will be a larger focus on nature in GTA 6.

We anticipate that the game will build on Red Dead Redemption 2’s framework when it comes to creating incredibly realistic environments.

GTA 6 Airboat in Swamp

And those who want a break from rampaging through the game’s cities will be able to take a detour to explore some of the state’s natural beauty.

We’ll have to wait and see what future footage has to reveal about GTA 6’s map. However, the wait for our next GTA 6 trailer could be a long one…

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