The ‘we really got X before GTA 6’ meme began in mid-2023, and it continues to pop up daily on social media.

Some memes just have a ridiculously long lifespan, and Grand Theft Auto 6 seems to be responsible for at least one of them.

As the wait continues for GTA 6, which is now confirmed to release in Fall 2025, fans are busy pointing out all the things that arrived before the highly-anticipated title.

We Got GTA 6 Release Date Before GTA 6

But almost one year after the meme’s conception, it seems that it simply refuses to die out.

The Meme Explained

The wait for GTA 6 is agonizing, especially since it’s been over a decade since Grand Theft Auto 5’s release back in 2013.

But now that we’ve had our first look at Rockstar Games’ upcoming project in Trailer 1, waiting for more news from the developer is even more difficult.

The first examples of fans on social media joking about getting something unlikely before GTA 6 can be found as early as 2021.

However, the meme began to gain traction online in July 2023, around the time that TikToker @jadendunn made a popular video joking about how ‘we got aliens before GTA 6.’

The concept of expressing disbelief at something arriving before GTA 6 quickly took off and the meme was replicated countless times across social media.

Now, whenever something notable happens in the world, you can bet we’ll see a post about it in the meme’s format.

The following video, posted to social media site X (formerly Twitter), accrued over 2.2 million views in the last five days, showing that the meme is still alive and well:

By the time GTA 6 Trailer 1 was released in December 2023, fans were already tiring of the meme. After all, there are only so many times you can see a style of post repeated before it feels like you’re beating a dead horse.

However, whether ironically or not, social media users are still posting variations on the concept with each passing day.

At this point, it seems likely that we’ll be saying, ‘We got X before GTA 6’ right up until the game’s release date.

And with GTA 6’s alleged internal delay pushing back the game’s launch to September-November 2025, we’re sure to see plenty more memes before launch day.

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