The GTA 6 Reddit community is sharing their unpopular opinions on GTA 6, well before the game is even released!

Right now, GTA 6 is probably a lot of gamers’ most anticipated upcoming release. But despite the hype, it’s important to remember that the newest Grand Theft Auto is, at the end of the day, just a game.

There are sure to be a few aspects of Rockstar Games’ open world that users will find disappointing, particularly if they spend the next year hyping the game up for themselves.

Unpopular GTA Opinions

Over on the GTA 6 subreddit, a community that has garnered over one million members well ahead of the game’s official release date, fans are discussing their unpopular opinions regarding the upcoming game.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the most notable suggestions:

1. GTA Online’s Issues Will Remain

Those who still play GTA Online to this day will have noticed that things went a little off the rails over the years.

In an effort to keep fans playing (and purchasing the online mode’s microtransactions), Rockstar Games slowly introduced all manner of ridiculous overpowered weapons and vehicles to the game.

GTA Online Deluxo Flying Car

From flying cars, to rocket-powered motorcycles, to laser weaponry, GTA Online is now an entirely different beast from the single-player mode. And expecting GTA 6 to be any different is an optimistic line of thinking, especially as the current model is so incredibly profitable.

“Any one who thinks rockstar won’t copy the gta online money printing machine they had with all p2w shit is just dumb”


However, we can hope for at least a few years of peace before things get a bit too crazy online.

And Rockstar may have learned from its mistakes, given that it’s been a few years since the developer has put out any massively futuristic weapons and vehicles.

“I am feeling hopeful. They backpaddled since the crazy GTAO updates in 2016-2018, so i am really hoping nothing like that comes around.”


2. Don’t Expect 60 FPS

Expecting GTA 6 to run at 60 FPS on current-gen consoles is another level of optimism.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X (and don’t forget about the Series S!) have struggled to run plenty of games above 30 FPS, and one look at GTA 6’s population density and graphics should tell you that achieving 60 is close to impossible.

It’s likely that the upcoming game will have a Performance and Graphical Fidelity mode to choose between, but we don’t expect even the former to allow for a smooth 60 FPS.

GTA 6 Street of Vice City

For that, fans will likely have to wait for the PC port to arrive in 2026 or beyond.

And given that the recent PS5 Pro leaks indicate that the console has an identical CPU to its predecessor, it doesn’t look like that’ll give you a sufficient boost either!

We’re relatively confident that GTA 6 will play well, even at 30 FPS. After all, Red Dead Redemption 2 is still locked to 30, even on the PS5, but its stable frame rate makes the lower FPS easy to come to terms with.

3. Trailers Are Lying to You

Vice City Beach in Trailer 1 was incredibly populated, but will the game actually have crowds of that density? Fans don’t think so.

Some users believe that many of the trailer shots come from missions, where NPC scripting may be far more advanced than in standard gameplay.

Vice City Beach in GTA 6

Having such a dense population throughout Vice City would likely be hindered by hardware limitations on all consoles, but in particular on the weaker Xbox Series S.

It’s worth noting that Cyberpunk 2077 (at least after some patches) managed to handle crowds pretty well.

byu/NothingIsHere5947 from discussion

But if Rockstar manages to pull off a game that actually looks and plays like GTA 6 Trailer 1, that’ll be a whole other beast in itself.

Considering how good Red Dead Redemption 2 looked on last-gen consoles, we believe in Rockstar’s development team. But it wouldn’t be surprising to see several of Trailer 1’s shots appear in the game’s intro cinematic, rather than having them being taken from standard gameplay.

4. Entering Every Building Will Never Be Possible

It seems like with every major open-world release these days, fans are always clamoring for the option to enter all of the game’s buildings.

This was certainly the case with GTA 5, and we saw it not too long ago with Cyberpunk 2077 too. We definitely understand the desire – it’d add to the game’s immersion and provide endless opportunities for discovering hidden secrets.

byu/NothingIsHere5947 from discussion

But in practice, it’s just not likely to ever happen in a game of GTA 6’s scale. And if it ever did, fans would hate it.

Imagine a dozen copy/pasted locations littering the insides of every building in the truly enormous Vice City. The amount of extra development time this would require is staggering, and there’d be absolutely no reason for players to explore hundreds of empty apartment blocks.

Just look at the number of buildings in the image below and imagine how long it’d take to build the internals for each one of them.

GTA 6 Bikini Balcony Girl

The good news is that the infamous GTA 6 gameplay leaks revealed much more of a priority given to designing and building internal areas.

But while major areas like shops, diners, bars, and more will likely be enterable, don’t expect to walk in whichever doors you please.

5. Don’t Expect Perfection

A common theme throughout many of the Reddit comments is that GTA 6 will be by no means perfect, and expecting it to be a flawless masterpiece won’t end well.

Even if Rockstar delivers the impossible and has Vice City running perfectly with no bugs on launch day, it still won’t be the ‘perfect’ game that many fans think it will.

byu/NothingIsHere5947 from discussion

What we can hope for is an experience that surpasses GTA 5, a game that stood the test of time across eleven years and three console generations.

We can expect graphics that surpass those of Red Dead Redemption 2, a game that still outperforms most other projects six years after its release.

byu/NothingIsHere5947 from discussion

But at the end of the day, GTA 6 is just a game, and no game caters to everyone. We recommend not obsessing so much over the wait for a new Grand Theft Auto, clearing out your gaming backlog, and simply enjoying the release when it finally arrives.

It’ll certainly make the long-rumored news of a GTA 6 delay a lot easier to handle.

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