The first trailer for GTA 6 showed our new main character Lucia in prison for an unknown crime, and that’s exactly where the game should start.

Grand Theft Auto games have had some iconic openings over the years. From GTA 5’s heist-gone-wrong to San Andreas’ return to Grove Street, the opening missions of Rockstar Games’ iconic franchise are a way for players to get to grips with their new game.

These first few hours serve as an introduction to the game’s world, and a tutorial for its new mechanics. And where better to introduce ourselves to Lucia than in the prison she’s about to leave?

A Prison Tutorial Could Be the Best Start

Starting GTA 6 with Lucia during her final days in prison could be a great way to learn how to control and play the game.

It would serve as an excellent introduction to mechanics like hand-to-hand combat, interacting with NPCs to accept missions, consuming food and drink, or even bringing back San Andreas’ fitness system in the gym.

Lucia Looking at the Prison Yard in GTA 6

On top of that, confrontations with other prison inmates could do wonders for Lucia’s characterization, allowing us to learn her backstory and feel a connection with the character.

Given that the Grand Theft Auto games rarely allow players to get a look inside a jail setting, instead simply releasing players who get arrested by the cops, a prison prologue could be just what GTA 6 needs!

After Prison Comes Parole

What’s more, when Lucia gets out of prison, presumably on parole, Rockstar Games has an excuse to restrict the open world a little by not allowing the ex-con to leave a given area.

This is something that the developer often does at the start of its games, so as not to overwhelm players with too much space all at once and allow them to unlock the rest of the map later.

Lucia's Social Worked Stefanie in GTA 6

Although this restriction doesn’t appeal to every fan, we think it’s quite impactful when a player gets to unlock a new area to explore.

It’s hard to deny how satisfying finally getting to Manhattan was in GTA 4, or how it felt when the school gates opened for the first time in Bully. Most recently, a lot of Rockstar fans will remember what it was like to finally get out of the snow in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Of course, this would mean that Rockstar Games would need to spend time designing an additional playable area in prison, one that presumably we wouldn’t be able to access again following the tutorial.

Therefore, it does seem more likely that our GTA adventure starts just after Lucia’s release, rather than during her incarceration.

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