We’ve seen all manner of elaborate GTA 6 Trailer 2 release date theories, but now fans think that an in-game tattoo could hold the key.

It’s been over six months since the release of GTA 6’s debut trailer, and saying that fans are getting restless would be an understatement.

With so little information to go off, it’s no surprise that Grand Theft Auto fans are creating increasingly crazy theories as to when Trailer 2 might arrive.

But we’ve certainly seen crazier than this latest theory…

Potential Trailer 2 Date Teased By Tattoo

A tattoo added to GTA Online in its Chop Shop update on December 12, 2023, might just be teasing a GTA 6 announcement.

The update, which was released a week after GTA 6 Trailer 1, added a series of new tattoos to GTA 5’s online multiplayer mode.

One of the tattoos in question, Stick Shift, depicts a Magic 8 Ball above the Roman numerals ‘VI.’ Below this, fans believe they can make out the numbers one and two, which is enough to create a full date.

Putting the numbers together, fans have come up with 8/12 or August 12.

Alternatively, the tease could be for December 8, 2024, which past trailer releases suggest is a far more likely time for Trailer 2 to arrive.

Does This Tattoo Really Mean Anything?

It’s important to note that this tattoo isn’t a new addition to GTA Online, given that it arrived in December last year.

GTA Online Stick Shift Tattoo
Source: Joe Iz Gaming

However, the Chop Shop update did launch around a week after Trailer 1 made its debut, which could mean that Rockstar Games wanted to insert a minor teaser for its upcoming project.

Furthermore, the developer previously revealed the Trailer 1 release date via a shirt released in GTA Online.

A string of numbers on the shirt below reads 1252309, which ended up corresponding with Trailer 1’s planned release date of December 5, 2023 at 9 AM ET.

Of course, the trailer ended up going live earlier than expected due to leaking early, but it shows that the company isn’t above teasing upcoming reveals in GTA Online!

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see if anything arrives in August or December 2024.

Fans are already pointing out that Take-Two Interactive has its next earnings call in August – which could mean we’ll get information shortly before the investor presentation once again!

Here’s everything we learned about GTA 6 in the May 2024 earnings call, so you can get an idea of what to expect.

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