There have been a lot of rumblings about a potential GTA 6 Trailer 2 drop in April or May, but evidence actually points to December 2024!

Right now, fans are driving themselves crazy, waiting for a new GTA 6 trailer to arrive. We got our first taste of Rockstar Games’ upcoming title at the end of last year, and since then it’s been radio silence from the developer.

We’ve already pointed out just how unhinged the GTA 6 speculation is getting in the game’s online communities. But as more and more fans start to put their faith in an April release date for Trailer 2, we think they’re setting themselves up for disappointment.

Vice City Beach in GTA 6

The Evidence Behind December 2024

First off, it’s important to note that nothing has been confirmed at this point in time. There’s every possibility that hopeful fans will be correct, and we’ll get GTA 6 Trailer 2 before long.

However, we believe that Rockstar Games’ track record points to the second look at GTA 6 dropping at the end of the year, not anytime soon.

Rockstar’s Track Record

As many fans are quick to point out, GTA 5 dropped its first trailer on November 2, 2011, and its second trailer on November 14, 2012.

Therefore, the Grand Theft Auto community had to wait a whole year to see more of Los Santos. But while this was Rockstar’s most recent GTA, it wasn’t the developer’s most recent major release – so let’s examine how marketing worked for Red Dead.

GTA 5 Franklin Red Dead Redemption 2 Arthur Morgan

In the case of Red Dead Redemption 2, the latest title developed by Rockstar Games, Trailer 1 made its debut on October 20, 2016. Fans then had to wait until September 28, 2017 to see more from the eagerly-awaited sequel, a wait of just over eleven months.

Since both GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 followed a similar trailer rollout, and given that these were Rockstar Games’ most recent projects, there’s a good chance that the marketing will follow an identical path this time too.

Given that GTA 6’s Trailer 1 dropped on December 4, 2023, Trailer 2’s most likely release date is between November and December 2024.

Marketing Rollout

But as some fans rightfully pointed out, the important gap to analyze may not be the time between trailer releases, but instead the time between the second trailer drop and the full game’s release.

Of course, we don’t currently have a firm release date for GTA 6 other than Fall 2025. This release window was confirmed by Take-Two during its May 2024 earnings call.

GTA 5 Protagonists Suits

GTA 5’s second trailer released in November 2012, approximately four to five months before the initially scheduled Spring 2013 release date.

However, following the game’s delay to September 2013, marketing appeared to pause briefly before more trailers started releasing in April 2013 – again, four months before the new release date.

The Same Can Be Said For Red Dead

It’s harder to analyze Red Dead Redemption 2’s trailers as the game was delayed by around a year during development. However, we did see marketing begin to ramp up with the majority of trailer drops coming in the final six months before release.

Also, at the time of Trailer 2’s release, RDR2’s release date was expected to be around six months away.

Arthur Morgan on a horse in red dead redemption 2

Assuming that the rumors that GTA 6 was initially set to launch in February-March 2025 have any substance to them, this track record again suggests that late 2024 will be the best time for Trailer 2 to drop.

However, it’s also worth noting that all Rockstar Games end up being delayed, almost without exception.

Of course, any information seen online at this point in time is pure speculation, no matter how hard GTA 6 fan accounts try to convince you otherwise.

And while we think all the evidence points to December 2024 for now, who’s to say that Rockstar Games won’t change up its marketing pattern this time around?

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