Some GTA 6 fans believe that the Trailer 2 release date might line up with the deaths of Bonnie and Clyde, two real-world criminals who are thought to have inspired our new protagonists.

Lucia and Jason (the leaked name for GTA 6’s male protagonist) appear to be in a relationship, judging by their appearance in Trailer 1.

And considering that they were shown robbing a store at gunpoint before escaping into a nearby vehicle, many have speculated that the duo is based on the most famous criminal couple of all time: Bonnie and Clyde.

Could GTA 6 Trailer 2 Be Connected to Bonnie and Clyde?

Now, fans over on the GTA 6 subreddit are suggesting that the long-awaited GTA 6 Trailer 2 could be released on the anniversary of Bonnie and Clyde’s death, which occurred on May 23, 1934.

This year will mark the 90th anniversary of the couple’s death, which some users believe could also be the date that Rockstar Games chooses to release Grand Theft Auto 6’s second trailer.

Lucia and Jason Store Robbery in GTA 6 Trailer 1

Notably, May is usually when Rockstar parent company Take-Two Interactive hosts a quarterly earnings report for investors. However, this does tend to take place before May 23, so it may not be as much of an clue as some users believe.

This isn’t the most unhinged GTA 6 Trailer 2 release date theory we’ve seen, but it certainly shows just how desperate the game’s community is for new information.

Who Were Bonnie and Clyde?

Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were a pair of American bandits who committed a string of robberies during the time of the Great Depression in the early 1900s.

Many historians believe that the couple were infatuated with one another, and the 1967 film ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ was turned the real criminal duo into a love story for the ages in the eyes of the public.

bonnie and clyde real picture gun

As a couple, Bonnie and Clyde robbed several banks, as well as smaller stores and funeral homes. They are also believed to have murdered at least nine police officers and four civilians during their criminal activity.

The couple was eventually ambushed by lawmen in Bienville Parish, Louisiana, where 130 rounds were fired into their moving vehicle from a combination of automatic rifles, shotguns, and pistols.

The attack, which took place on May 23, 1934, left both Bonnie and Clyde dead at ages 23 and 25 respectively.

Will Their Death Actually Mark a New GTA 6 Trailer?

Ultimately, no, we don’t expect May 23, 2024, to be the date of the next GTA 6 trailer.

Rockstar Games doesn’t have a history of releasing trailers on historically significant dates. And although Lucia and Jason might resemble Bonnie and Clyde on paper, no official connection has been stated by the developer as of yet.

Lucia and Jason on Bed in GTA 6

It’s worth noting that both GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar’s most recent major releases, each had a year-long gap between Trailer 1 and 2.

We have no reason to expect anything different in this case, especially since the bulk of the company’s marketing doesn’t tend to begin until a new game is only months away.

However, for those who just can’t wait, we’ve been able to put together an in-depth analysis of what GTA 6 Trailer 2 will show off!

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