Allegedly, spoilers for the upcoming GTA 6 are already doing the rounds online, and fans should be careful when browsing social media!

If you’re aiming to go into Grand Theft Auto 6 completely unspoiled (and we imagine most fans are), we recommend caution.

According to multiple sources online, GTA 6 spoilers are currently in the wild, though their authenticity can’t be confirmed at this point in time.

This article will not contain GTA 6 spoilers.

Are the GTA 6 Spoilers Real?

Multiple accounts over on X are currently reporting that GTA 6 spoilers are in the wild, with some members of the Grand Theft Auto community allegedly already aware of some of the game’s plot.

Although we can’t be sure that the so-called spoilers are indeed legitimate, it’s best to remain cautious until the game releases, and we know for sure.

Given that Red Dead Redemption 2’s story also leaked prior to its release, it’s entirely possible that the latest leaks are true, and fans who want to remain unspoiled should take great care online.

According to billsyliamgta over on X, the story leaks aren’t something most fans missed in the September 2022 leaks – they are instead internal leaks straight from Rockstar itself.

The company recently called all remote workers into the office full-time, an unpopular move that was likely an attempt to stop all GTA 6 leaks.

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However, if the new report is correct, it wasn’t enough to discourage employees from sharing certain leaks with the community.

The Fan Response

Several fans have responded to the news of the GTA 6 leaks by reporting they’ll be unfollowing major GTA social media accounts for the time being.

Others are going a step further, claiming that they’ll mute GTA-related pages and keywords in order to avoid potential spoilers.

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However, we’re also seeing many fans who alledge that they don’t really care about the possibility of GTA 6 story spoilers.

For many users, the gameplay itself is the driving force behind the hype for GTA 6, and the game’s story content is less exciting.

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Whatever your thoughts, we’d recommend remaining cautious online for now. Although we’re not seeing many people reposting GTA 6 story spoilers at this point in time, we’re almost certain that spoilers will be rife by the time of the game’s release.

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