We could be about to see four new GTA 6 screenshots ahead of Take-Two’s earnings call, as Rockstar Games’ code reveals placeholder locations.

It’s finally May 2024, which could spell big news for the Grand Theft Auto fanbase.

As many eager fans will already know, May 16 is the date of Rockstar parent company Take-Two Interactive’s next earnings call with investors. And often, Rockstar Games will make a big announcement just before the call to drive up hype.

We’ve put together a list of everything that’s been announced moments before a Take-Two earnings report here.

And this time, it appears that new GTA 6 screenshots could be on the agenda!

New GTA 6 Screenshots Placeholders

Over on social media site X, a bot by the name of gta vi when is constantly dedicated to scanning the Rockstar Games API, and reporting back when the website coding changes.

Today, the bot reported the matches for GTA 6 changes were found in the code, and a follow-up post revealed space for four new screenshots had been added.

It seems that even the GTA 6 cover art appears in the site’s code, though the actual links currently lead to a 404 error.

GTA 6 New Screenshots on Rockstar Games Website
Rockstar Games’ New Website Code via Pastebin

Right now, these screenshot locations are only placeholders and cannot be viewed, but it appears that Rockstar Games could be getting ready to upload new images for its upcoming title.

UPDATE: It appears that Rockstar Games accidentally pushed the changes live temporarily on its website. Although the page is back to normal now, the area where future screenshots will appear became temporarily visible!

And considering that we’ve been predicting that a new announcement should be arriving before the May 16 investor call, it’s certainly interesting timing.

But Don’t Get Excited Just Yet

However, over on the GTA forums, one user suggests not jumping the gun and getting too excited.

“Guys please don’t get your hopes up, they only added GTA 6 to their graphql API,” user Qalushoki writes.

Reportedly, every game in the response contains four images in the exact same format, which could indicate that the placeholder files were inserted automatically.

GTA Forums User Discusses Rockstar Games GTA 6 Screenshots

However, regardless of whether or not the screenshots were added automatically, the code is new to the Rockstar Games website.

And considering the timing of its arrival, there’s a good chance that a reveal of some kind is imminent.

For those curious about what Take-Two Interactive will reveal about GTA 6, here’s how to tune into the publisher’s quarterly earnings report next week.

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