It looks like GTA 6 could have a fully-fledged basketball mini-game, and fans are incredibly excited by the possibility!

The Grand Theft Auto series gives players a near-limitless amount of freedom, and a significant part of this is the activities you can take part in.

Whether it is racing in land, air or sea vehicles, visiting the shooting range, or playing a round of golf, Grand Theft Auto has plenty to do that has no connection to the main story.

Fortunately, it looks like GTA 6 will be expanding which sports you can take part in. While its predecessor included golf, tennis and darts, the next game will include a 3v3 basketball mini-game if leaks and rumors are to be believed!

gta 6 cars in vice city

GTA 6 Could Get a 3v3 Basketball Mini-Game

Redditor u/Well_Look_Whos_Back recently mentioned a 3v3 basketball mode as part of a larger GTA 6 leak. This leaker revealed details about the GTA 6 trailer ahead of its release, so there’s a reasonably good chance that this basketball mode is actually real.

This rumored mini-game has been met with almost universal praise from Rockstar fans online. Some even look forward to the prospect of getting into a shootout before even stepping off the court!

What’s especially exciting about this potential mini-game is that Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Two, also owns 2K. This is the developer of the NBA 2K series.

And while it’s not likely that 2K would make GTA’s basketball mini-game, the developer would surely be happy to provide some tips and feedback to make sure it plays well!

To make matters even more interesting, the GTA community thinks that LeBron James may be involved somehow. This is because the legendary basketball player has had a couple of online interactions with Rockstar Games, including praising the GTA 6 trailer.

Of course, this could just be entirely unrelated to the potential basketball mini-game in GTA 6. However, it would be great to see LeBron be involved with the game.

As he won the NBA championship twice with the Miami Heat (and Vice City is based on Miami), we could certainly see him play a pro basketball player in GTA 6.

Rockstar Games has not revealed any information about whether basketball will be included yet. However, what looks like a basketball arena is visible next to the highway in the first GTA 6 trailer, and the developer has previously included a basketball mini-game in San Andreas and seemingly planned one for GTA 5…

GTA 6 Trailer Basketball Stadium
A basketball arena in the background of GTA 6 Trailer 1

Basketball in Previous GTA Games

San Andreas

The only Grand Theft Auto game so far to get a basketball mini-game was 2004’s San Andreas. In this title, players could visit a number of basketball courts across Los Santos to shoot some hoops.

While this was a fun little mini-game, it didn’t have too much depth. You could only shoot the ball into the basketball hoop by yourself, so there was nothing really competitive about it beyond trying to beat your high score and earn the ‘Hoopin’ It Up’ achievement.

GTA San Andreas Basketball


It looks like Rockstar Games planned a more fully-fledged hoop-shooting mode for GTA 5. There are a couple of detailed basketball courts to find around Los Santos, and there are even references to basketball within the game’s code, indicating that this content was cut.

Nobody has found out why Rockstar cut basketball from GTA 5, but it was almost certainly due to time constraints. Rockstar Games likely had to cut side content in order to avoid any delays to the release date.

While it was a shame that GTA 5 didn’t have basketball, the fact that Rockstar Games planned it certainly points towards the GTA 6 basketball rumors being correct. After all, the developer has had over 10 years to make this basketball mini-game!

Basketball Courts in GTA 5
Credit: GTA Wiki

Hopefully, the highly anticipated second trailer will reveal more about Vice City. And if we’re lucky, Rockstar will show off a couple of the in-game activities and maybe even confirm 3v3 basketball!

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