Rockstar Games has released new merchandise ahead of the GTA 6 reveal trailer next month.

With the first trailer officially confirmed for ‘early December,’ every social media post Rockstar makes will undoubtedly garner plenty of attention.

Fans are expecting the studio to post an official trailer countdown or teaser any time now, which means there are a lot of eyes on Rockstar’s social media accounts.

The studio’s latest post may not only include a nod towards GTA 6’s setting but may also indicate an announcement is closer than we think.

Rockstar Games Tweets New Vice City Merchandise

The latest arrival of Rockstar apparel and gear noticeably includes an “I 🩷 VC” patch and Vice City-themed purple and pink socks.

Although these products are related to the original Vice City, with GTA 6’s setting all but confirmed to take place in modern Vice City, it may also be a slight hint of what’s to come.

Rockstar's new Vice City-themed socks and patch
Rockstar’s new Vice City-themed socks and patch

However, it’s worth noting that Vice City references have also been in GTA 5 since day one. For example, the game features a beach towel with the exact words.

There’s also a poster advertisement for a musical that says ‘Vice.’

'I 🩷 VC Beach' Towel and 'Vice' Poster in GTA 5
‘I 🩷 VC Beach’ Towel and ‘Vice’ Poster in GTA 5

Is the Trailer Countdown Next?

There’s no question that any tweet from Rockstar about GTA 6 will get a lot of views. The same applies to the latest tweet directly below its announcement.

If the company decides to post a trailer countdown next, its latest two tweets (advertising merchandise) will gain more reach.

With the most likely trailer dates being very soon, Rockstar’s following few tweets or the next tweet is expected to be a teaser or countdown to the trailer.

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