Fans believe that Rockstar Games could be teasing GTA 6 in its latest advertisement for GTA Online, though perhaps they’re just reading too far into this one.

It’s been five months since Grand Theft Auto 6 Trailer 1 was released, and in that time, fans have gone stir-crazy, waiting for new information.

We’ve seen community members over-analyze every frame of the trailer, speculate about changes to the Rockstar website, and craft intricate theories about when Trailer 2 will drop.

And now, those eager fans believe that Rockstar Games could be taunting them directly, while teasing the upcoming release.

Could This Be a GTA 6 Tease?

In a new post to the Rockstar Games X account, the developer showcases four new screenshots of GTA Online.

This is already notable, seeing as four placeholders for GTA 6 screenshots appeared on the Rockstar website just the other day, presumably being pushed live early by mistake.

“Rockstar is toying with us,” a post on the GTA 6 subreddit reads, with fans believing that the developer’s choice to add four images is a dig at the recent community findings.

But as if that wasn’t all, eagle-eyed users have also noticed that a shirt worn by one of the featured GTA Online characters looks strangely familiar.

In this ‘Galaxy’ branded t-shirt, we see a color scheme very reminiscent of the GTA 6 marketing. What’s more, the palm trees and birds that appear in the clothing’s design also appear in the upcoming game’s key art.

But there’s definitely a point in which analysis goes too far. And while it’s possible that Rockstar is indeed playing with its fans, it’s more than likely that the shirt is completely unrelated to GTA 6.

This certainly isn’t the first time we’ve felt the GTA 6 community is getting a little too unhinged in its desperation to find hints from Rockstar.

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However, we do think the developer has teased fans in the past, such as in this post before the game’s reveal, where only the VI of the Vinewood sign was visible.

GTA 6 Hint in GTA Online Image

But the good news is, the wait for new GTA 6 information is almost over!

Given that publisher Take-Two Interactive’s May earnings call is next week, it’s very likely that we’ll hear more about the open-world title in the next few days!

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