In case you’re not up to date on the latest rumors, here’s why GTA 6 news is expected to arrive this week!

It’s been a long five months since the release of the first-ever Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer – a video that has accrued over 190 million views on YouTube alone!

Since that point, Rockstar Games has been almost entirely silent on its upcoming project. But this could be the week that everything changes.

Why Fans Believe GTA 6 News Is Imminent

There are a number of reasons that lead fans to believe that GTA 6 news is dropping this week.

Here’s a breakdown of exactly why news is most likely dropping soon:

Take-Two Interactive Earnings Call

On Thursday, May 16, 2024, Rockstar Games parent company Take-Two Interactive will be hosting its next quarterly earnings call.

These calls are intended to show investors exactly how successful the company was in the most recent financial quarter.

UPDATE: Check out all the information from May 16’s earnings call here!

Take-Two Interactive Logo GTA 6 Club

It also allows Take-Two to showcase exactly why it expects further success in the upcoming fiscal year.

We find it hard to believe that Take-Two won’t mention GTA 6, its biggest and most highly anticipated project, in the upcoming investor call.

Here’s how to tune in and listen to the GTA 6 news this week!

But even before the investor call, we might be hearing something directly from Rockstar Games:

Rockstar Announcement Timings

Recently, fans picked up on the fact that GTA developer Rockstar Games often drops significant reveals right before a Take-Two earnings call.

We recently went back and compiled a list of every major Rockstar reveal that occurred right before an investor presentation. This list certainly indicates that we should expect GTA news right before this week’s call.

Lucia and Jason Robbing a Store

However, the news that Rockstar drops isn’t always positive. While we’ve had exciting reveals, such as GTA 6’s very first announcement or a trailer release date, Rockstar can also use this time to drop delay news.

We saw this with Red Dead Redemption 2, which got pushed back to Spring 2018 from its initial Fall 2017 release date, the day before an earnings call.

Four New Screenshots Leak

The biggest indicator that more GTA 6 news is on the way is that the Rockstar Games website has been undergoing some changes recently.

Just last week, changes in the Rockstar Games website code revealed new additions were being made to the site’s GTA 6 page.

Rockstar Games Logo With 4 GTA 6 Screenshots

Space for four new GTA 6 screenshots even temporarily appeared on the site itself, as the update was presumably pushed live by accident.

Fans believe that Rockstar later poked fun at its mistake, which had sent the internet into an uproar of excitement, by uploading four new screenshots of GTA Online that appear to reference GTA 6 shortly afterward.

The Instagram Theory

And finally, we come to the Instagram theory, which places the date for GTA 6’s next reveal as today, May 14, 2024.

Why do fans think this is the date to watch? Well, aside from the fact that Rockstar likes to drop news on Tuesdays, and that the investor call is right around the corner, the main driving point behind this theory comes from the developer’s social media.

Rockstar Games Instagram

More specifically, it comes from Instagram, where Rockstar appears to be keeping its post count to exactly fourteen images.

Whenever Rockstar Games uploads a new image, it deletes or hides an older one, leaving exactly fourteen uploads. Some fans have taken this to mean that there’s a new reveal coming on May 14, and the timing certainly makes sense.

But if a reveal is coming today, we’ll be surprised – especially as Rockstar has now posted what appears to be its upload for the day. And it’s about Red Dead Online…

We’ll be surprised if the Instagram theory turns out to be correct. However, we do believe that Rockstar will make an announcement very shortly, whether it’s related to GTA 6 or not.

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