GTA 6 Trailer 2 is most likely months away, but some fans think Rockstar is hinting at an imminent release date using Instagram posts.

With a game as highly anticipated as Grand Theft Auto 6, fans drive themselves crazy trying to find new information. And while sometimes investigations do prove fruitful, the severe drought of GTA news is causing some users to begin lose their minds.

We’ve already seen fans suggest GTA 6 Trailer 2 release dates based on the number of birds in the game’s first trailer. Now, we’re probably seeing a similar level of delusion in this Rockstar Games Instagram theory.

Or will this prove to have been a clue hiding in plain sight?

Rockstar Games Instagram

The Instagram Theory, Explained

The official Rockstar Games Instagram has a whopping 29.4 million followers, and is no doubt how many of those users get most of their GTA information.

However, despite this, the page currently only has 14 posts visible to fans, with hundreds of past uploads either deleted or hidden from view.

Reportedly, the Rockstar Games account removed the majority of its posts in December 2023, when GTA 6’s first trailer was announced. But fans have noticed that the developer appears to be sticking to the number 14, no matter what.

Rockstar Games Instagram 14 Posts

UPDATE: We’ve now seen multiple posts go live on the Rockstar Games Instagram, and the developer continues to delete past uploads to keep the total count at 14! However, nothing dropped on May 14, suggesting that Rockstar is simply keeping its Instagram from getting too cluttered.

Yesterday, May 7, Rockstar uploaded a new post regarding a Micah Bell-inspired outfit in Red Dead Online.

When it did, the Instagram account supposedly removed another post, keeping its total upload count at 14. And some of the Grand Theft Auto fan base have taken this to mean that the number could be hinting at our next GTA 6 reveal.

May 14, for example, is just around the corner and would be the perfect time for a new information drop. After all, that puts it just two days before the Take-Two Interactive earnings call, and Rockstar Games often makes reveals shortly before these investor presentations.

As Reddit user SEEENRULEZ points out, this would also be a Tuesday, the same day of the week that the original GTA 6 trailer was set to release on – before leaks required it to be posted early.

byu/Ok_Owl_9137 from discussion

What’s also particularly interesting is that space for four new GTA 6 screenshots just appeared in the Rockstar Games website code. Perhaps it’s not a trailer we’ll be getting, but some new images from Vice City?

Or, and we can’t believe we have to say this, Rockstar might not be teasing anything with the total number of posts on its Instagram account.

It’s more than likely that the company is simply restricting how much it posts in order for fans to be able to reach the GTA 6 information more easily.

For those curious about what Rockstar’s parent company has to say on the matter Take-Two Interactive will likely discuss GTA 6, in its quarterly earnings report next week.

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