Rockstar Games employees are officially being made to return to the office today, as development continues on GTA 6 – despite complaints from formerly remote workers.

On February 28, 2024, Rockstar Games informed staff that all workers must return to the office five days a week, beginning on April 15.

Now that the day has arrived, the vast majority of staff members will be working from the office rather than from the comfort of their own homes.

Exceptions to the rule are said to be rare, despite a 2023 petition calling for Rockstar to keep its current hybrid working policy receiving 180 signatures.

Not All Employees Are Happy With The Decision

The Independent Workers’ union of Great Britain has collected numerous statements from anonymous Rockstar employees, including the following:

“Working from home has been a lifeline for many of us at Rockstar, allowing us to balance care responsibilities, manage disabilities, and relocate as we need,” one employee writes. “Now, Rockstar is snatching away that lifeline without a second thought for the workers who’ll be impacted most.”

The statement goes on to confirm that Rockstar’s broken promises are causing some employees to fear management may even be paving the way for a “return to toxic ‘crunch’ practices.”

GTA 6 Prison Fence Rockstar Games Logo

And with rumors of a GTA 6 delay already swirling, it’s not impossible that those fears could become a reality.

“Just one of my concerns is being forced to work late hours in the office to maintain contact with global teams when before we could log on from home to attend late meetings,” a second employee states. “This will mean missing out on spending time with our families.”

Rockstar management is allegedly refusing to listen to worker complaints and will shut down remote access technology beginning today.

Why Are Rockstar Employees Returning to Office?

Rockstar Head of Publishing Jenn Kolbe confirmed in their email to staff (via Bloomberg) that the decision was made for productivity and security reasons.

This certainly makes sense, given the severity of the infamous September 2022 leaks. The 90 videos released by the leaker, who has since been detained, were some of the most severe in the gaming industry as a whole.

However, Kolbe also writes that Rockstar finds ‘tangible benefits’ from employees working in-person, giving GTA 6 the best possible chance to be a highly polished product on release day.

GTA 6 Man With Gold Grills and Chains

But the situation may not be quite as clear cut. A report from Kotaku indicates that GTA 6 could have missed its early 2025 internal release window, pushing back the goalposts to Fall 2025.

“Kotaku has learned that it’s becoming more and more likely that the sequel might not land until late 2025,” the report reads. “It’s also possible that it could even slip into 2026 as production reportedly falls behind.”

Whatever the case, unless things have changed on Rockstar’s timeline, today is the day that employees will be heading back to the office for good.

And while that may prove to be the correct move when it comes to delivering a final product worthy of the Grand Theft Auto name, it likely comes at the expense of employee satisfaction.

Those who relocated away from the office following the introduction of remote work, or those who were hired fully remotely and may not live close by, are certain to be among the most affected by Rockstar’s decision.

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