GTA 6 is releasing in 2025 according to Rockstar Games, but the company famously has quite the history when it comes to delays.

As with all AAA releases in the gaming industry, it’s often best to expect the worst when it comes to distant release dates. So far, Rockstar Games has only given us a vague ‘2025’ release window for Grand Theft Auto 6, but it’s worth noting that the company is known for its delays.

Almost all of the developer’s recent projects have seen at least one major delay after announcing a release date.

And with a game as massive as the long-awaited GTA 6 just over the horizon, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it pushed back in the coming months.

Has GTA 6 Been Delayed Already?

No, so far there has been no official delay to GTA 6’s 2025 release date – at least not one that’s been announced by Rockstar Games or parent company Take-Two Interactive.

Although we don’t have a precise release date at this moment in time, Rockstar is still reporting the official 2025 release window is correct.

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However, some evidence suggests that GTA 6 may have recently been pushed back to late 2025, instead of launching earlier in the year as was initially rumored.

Rockstar Games Delays

Now, let’s take a look at Rockstar Games’ history of delays, and what this could mean for GTA 6:

GameInitial Release DateActual Release DateDelay Length
GTA 5 Next-Gen (PS5/Xbox Series X)November 2021March 2022~4 Months
Red Dead Redemption 2Fall 2017, Spring 2018 (Delayed Twice)October 2018~1 Year
GTA 5Spring 2013September 2013~4 Months
Red Dead RedemptionLate 2009, April 2010 (Delayed Twice)May 18, 2010~7 Months
GTA Chinatown WarsWinter 2008March 2009~4 Months
GTA 4October 2007April 2008~6 Months
GTA San AndreasOctober 19, 2004October 26. 20041 Week
GTA Vice CityOctober 22, 2002October 29, 20021 Week
GTA 3October 3, 2001October 23, 20013 Weeks

Although Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and San Andreas were hit by one-week delays shortly before their release dates, it’s worth noting that development time for games was much shorter back in the early 2000s.

Even an extra week of development could make an impact when you were putting out a game in a single year.

Interestingly, GTA 3’s three-week delay was actually in order to review its content, as the game was set to release shortly after the 9/11 terror attacks. Rockstar ended up making minor alterations to various aspects of the game, as well as removing some content that seemed inappropriate given recent events.

Is GTA 6 Likely to Be Delayed?

Given that practically all of Rockstar Games’ in-house projects in the last 20 years have been delayed after revealing an official release date, there’s a good chance that GTA 6 will be pushed back too.

After all, the scale of the upcoming title is immense, and Rockstar will want to be certain that it lives up to a decade of hype.

GTA Chinatown Wars, Niko Bellic, Franklin

However, it could be said that the very fact that Grand Theft Auto 6 has been in development for so long actually points to it not needing a delay. Perhaps the development team waited so long to reveal the game to ensure that it wouldn’t need delaying.

Ultimately, we don’t know whether or not GTA 6 will be yet another title to suffer from delays. A new localization job actually points to the game getting an early 2025 release, after all.

We wouldn’t be surprised if the rumors are true and GTA 6 will release later in 2025 than initially predicted. But given that Rockstar hasn’t revealed a release date as of yet, an internal delay may be one that the public never actually learns about.

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