An unfortunate leak by one Rockstar Games developer has confirmed new details about the GTA 6 weather systems.

With a team as big as Rockstar’s, it’s always difficult to keep things under wraps.

That’s allegedly part of the reason why the developer is calling all its remote workers back to the office in the coming months, and if so, we can understand the logic.

Fans are hungry for new GTA 6 information, with only a single trailer to go on at present. And because of this, some eagle-eyed users have spotted a new Grand Theft Auto clue hiding in the image gallery of a Rockstar employee.

Rockstar Developer Leaks New Details

Sonny Blyth, a Games Tools Programmer at Rockstar North, was allegedly responsible for a minor GTA 6 leak that revealed new details about the game’s weather.

In a post to the user’s X (formerly Twitter) account, Blyth appeared to post a screen recording of their phone gallery.

And in the brief moment before the user selected the image they wanted to share, investigative fans were able to get a look at some work correspondence.

Sonny Blyth Upscaled GTA 6 Leak
An Upscaled Image of the Leaked Message

In the blurry thumbnail, which appears to be a leaked message from another Rockstar North employee, we can make out the following text:

“Additionally, we are focusing on finalizing the weather dynamics, particularly thunderstorms. Please work through 31-41 sets of your PG. Make sure NPC behavior and activities change depending on temperature.”

From this leak, we can glean that weather will play a larger role than ever before in GTA 6.

The idea of thunderstorms ravaging the Vice City coastline sounds like a spectacular event to witness, and it sounds like NPCs will be a lot more reactive to their environments too.

Vice City Beach in GTA 6

In addition, the post references needing to go over J&L, possibly referring to protagonists Jason and Lucia to verify that ‘bugs and glitches are none.’ It certainly sounds as though Rockstar is in the final stages of development and is prioritizing a bug-free launch.

Sonny Blyth appears to have deleted all posts on their X account, after several users pointed out their mistake in the replies.

And while this leak appears to be legitimate, we’d recommend taking all unofficially announced details with a pinch of salt.

After all, everything is subject to change before a game’s launch, and we can’t fully verify the authenticity of this leak at present. However, GTA 6 fans will take all the leaks they can get as we wait for Trailer 2’s release later this year.

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