GTA 6 fans have been looking forward to more news and screenshots dropping soon, but Rockstar Games is instead focusing on Red Dead Redemption.

Leaks indicate that the first Red Dead Redemption is finally making its way to PC. And while this seems on the surface to be great news for fans of the Old West, those on the GTA hype train aren’t so pleased.

New references to Red Dead Redemption coming to PC were found inside the Rockstar launcher by trusted dataminer Tez2. And while Rockstar is yet to announce the port officially, it seems pretty set in stone.

But what does the Red Dead port have to do with GTA 6? We’ll explain.

Why Red Dead Redemption Coming to PC Made GTA Fans Sad

Over the last week or so, hints seemed to be pointing to a new GTA 6 reveal dropping imminently.

With Take-Two Interactive’s latest quarterly earnings report dropping on May 16, 2024, we’re sure to hear more GTA 6 news anyway.

But fans picked up on the fact that Rockstar Games tends to drop a big reveal right before investor calls in order to drum up hype.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Lucia in Car

And while we waited for any sort of announcement from the GTA developer, suddenly space for four new GTA 6 screenshots appeared in the Rockstar Games website code.

What’s more, these changes even appeared live on the site itself, minus the actual screenshots – indicating to fans that Rockstar is gearing up to release new images.

Rockstar then supposedly teased fans by releasing four GTA Online screenshots on social media.

Notably, one of the shirts that a character is wearing appears to reference GTA 6’s color scheme, but we’d say it’s a bit of a stretch.

Speaking of stretches, the GTA 6 community was also convinced that the number of posts on Rockstar Games’ Instagram account indicated a reveal was coming soon.

But despite the fact that the developer appears to be deleting posts to ensure that it always has fourteen uploads, nothing exciting arrived on May 14.

Rockstar Games Instagram 14 Posts

Now, it seems that Rockstar’s big news is actually the reveal of Red Dead Redemption for PC. And fans are certainly disheartened that all their waiting may have been for nothing.

The good news, though, is that Take-Two Interactive’s earnings call is sure to reveal more about GTA 6. Here’s how to tune into the company’s quarterly earnings report on May 16, 2024!

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