One of Red Dead Redemption 2’s most interesting features is its honor system, but should that mechanic return in GTA 6?

Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption are two Rockstar Games franchises that share many similarities but the games themselves play very differently.

While both series specialize in open worlds that allow players to interact with them however they like, GTA is certainly a lot more chaotic than its Old West counterpart.

Thanks to the Honor system, Red Dead players actually face consequences for their actions. But would fans like to see this mechanic in GTA 6?

Red Dead Redemption 2 Honor System Explained

In Red Dead Redemption 2, players have an Honor bar that represents how honorable their take on Arthur Morgan is.

Every time players choose to steal, murder innocents, or otherwise commit dishonorable actions, they will lose Honor.

Arthur Morgan with Rifle and Pistol in Red Dead Redemption 2

Conversely, should Arthur Morgan choose to become an upstanding citizen by disarming opponents rather than killing them, surrendering peacefully when Wanted, or helping out the folks at his camp, he’ll gain Honor.

At higher Honor ranks, players will see a variety of benefits, from increased item drop rates to new outfits and even discounts in stores.

And, just as importantly, your final Honor score will also impact which ending you get in the game’s final missions.

But Does This System Work for GTA?

Red Dead Redemption 2’s Honor system works perfectly in its own game, and fits with Arthur Morgan’s inner struggle over whether or not he’s truly a ‘bad’ man.

However, an Honor system similar to Red Dead’s wouldn’t necessarily be the best fit for GTA 6.

After all, Grand Theft Auto titles have always been more chaotic in nature, with players leaving behind a trail of corpses in their wake.

GTA 6 Store Robbery from Trailer 1

While the games touch on morals from time to time, they are less concerned about killing indiscriminately, and punishing players with low Honor for going on a classic GTA rampage simply wouldn’t make for fun gameplay.

On top of that, Arthur Morgan loses Honor for killing a single innocent civilian.

If this were the case in GTA 6, where rocket launchers, miniguns, and other high-powered weaponry will undoubtedly be available, players would be able to lose Honor at an incredible rate.

GTA isn’t a game about facing consequences for your actions. Instead, its open world is merely a sandbox, designed for players to have fun wreaking havoc in.

What Do Fans Think?

Although some fans would no doubt like to see the mechanic make a comeback, most of the more vocal members of the GTA community don’t want to see Honor return in GTA 6:

As one Reddit user aptly puts it, in Grand Theft Auto: “I’m a low life gangster not a misunderstood morally grey cowboy.”

However, user WeeklySavings does point out that a similar ‘Trust’ mechanic could replace Honor.

Lucia and Jason in GTA 6 Art

This mechanic could reflect the level of trust between protagonists Lucia and Jason, rather than showing how the characters are perceived by the Vice City public.

This would allow players to make decisions throughout the game’s storyline to break or bolster their main character’s trust levels. And it could also determine whether or not Lucia or Jason dies in the game’s final mission – if Rockstar chooses to go down that route.

But it’s not just Honor that GTA fans don’t want to appear in the upcoming game. The game’s community recently shared a list of things fans don’t want to see in GTA 6.

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