GTA 6 might be following Red Dead Redemption 2’s example regarding carrying guns, and not everyone is a fan of that idea.

Rockstar Games isn’t just known for Grand Theft Auto. The talented team behind GTA has a wealth of other incredible franchises, perhaps the most notable of which is the Red Dead series.

In Red Dead Redemption 2, the weapon system is a little different from GTA. Putting a focus on realism, Arthur Morgan can carry up to two sidearms on his person, while larger weapons must be kept either on a sling or in his offhand.

This is a major change from how inventories work in Grand Theft Auto, where rocket launchers can be pulled out of your back pocket – but is it something fans would like to see in GTA 6?

Will GTA 6 Adopt Red Dead’s Weapons Inventory?

It remains to be seen whether or not GTA 6 will follow in Red Dead Redemption 2’s footsteps or whether it’ll bring back the series’ iconic weapon wheel.

Note: The September 2022 leaks certainly indicated that we’ll be retaining RDR2’s limited inventory system, but until Rockstar confirms it, we can’t confirm it’ll be in the final release.

GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 Weapon Wheels
GTA 5 (Left) vs Red Dead Redemption 2 (Right) Weapon Wheels

But as well-received as the latest Red Dead was, fans aren’t all on the side of realism when it comes to the upcoming Grand Theft Auto.

For some longtime players, part of the fun of GTA is that it’s a chaotic sandbox that encourages players to go as wild as possible. For those fans, restricting their weapon loadouts would be restricting their fun.

“It would make a nice feature for more immersive police roleplay scenarios, but I’d still like to be able to keep a whole arsenal in my pocket if I’m just doing a classic GTA rampage,” Reddit user SubaruSympathizer writes.

Furthermore, if the only way to carry a larger weapon is to openly carry it via a sling on your back, that would likely alarm civilians in the game’s open world.

Arthur Morgan with Rifle and Pistol in Red Dead Redemption 2

Being arrested by Vice City PD just for having a shotgun in your inventory would surely get frustrating, to say the least.

Even if GTA allowed you to carry a duffel bag for your weapons or store them in your car trunk (much like you can store larger weapons on your horse’s saddle in Red Dead), it may prove to be more of a hassle than players would like.

Is Realism Better Than Chaos?

On the other hand, the more tactical, realistic approach to carrying guns definitely appeals to some GTA 6 fans.

byu/cjtangmi from discussion

Some argue that Red Dead’s take on weapon storage is an improvement over the unrealistic, endless supply of guns that past GTA protagonists could pull out at a whim.

byu/New-Forever-2908 from discussion

And the fact of the matter is, neither opinion is incorrect!

We’ll have to wait and see what Rockstar Games thinks about the matter, something we’ll probably only know for sure when GTA 6’s first gameplay trailer drops.

But storage of guns isn’t the only feature that fans want GTA 6 to borrow from Red Dead Redemption 2!

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