New misinformation is making the rounds online but Rockstar Games website does not, in fact, contain purchase options for GTA 6 hidden away in its code.

Right now, Grand Theft Auto fans are desperately seeking any sort of news regarding the upcoming game. And when there’s little to be found, some users are beginning to make up their own stories.

Just the other day, fans claimed that GTA 6 was finally added to the Rockstar Games Videos page, indicating that another trailer could be just around the corner.

GTA 6 Banner on the Rockstar Games Website Games List

As it turned out, the website had last been updated after December’s trailer drop, meaning the change wasn’t recent at all.

And now we’re here to tell you that the new ‘GTA 6 purchase options’ news is also a fabrication.

GTA 6 Purchase Options on Rockstar Games Website

A new claim that’s doing the rounds online suggests that the Rockstar Games website contains purchase options for GTA 6, hidden away in its HTML.

This has riled up the GTA 6 community, who are eagerly awaiting the next news drop for the upcoming title. However, the code found does not actually mean what some users would have you believe.

First spotted by X (formerly Twitter) user brintolife, the Rockstar Games website contains the following code, which appears to reference purchasing GTA 6.

GTA 6 Buy Now Code on Rockstar Games Website

But while the highlighted section does contain ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ as well as references to digital purchases, unfortunately, this is not actually what the code is referring to.

Not only is the HTML not a new addition to the site, but it is simply generic code for the ‘Games’ page of the Rockstar Games website.

As pointed out by logan_mcgeee and videotechuk on X, inspecting the page and highlighting the relevant code shows that it is referring to other page elements.

Rockstar Games Games Section of the Website(1)

You can check this yourself by heading to the Rockstar Games ‘Games’ page, pressing F12, and searching ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ in the search box.

The mention of GTA 6 that appears in the code simply refers to the new GTA 6 page banner, which sits atop the other games.

Unfortunately, fans shouldn’t get their hopes up that GTA 6 will become available for purchase anytime soon.

And while there are one or two websites that let you pre-order Grand Theft Auto 6 already, the ability to purchase the game won’t become available properly until we have a firm release date announcement.

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