This fan-made GTA 6 startup and loading screen concept gives us an idea of what the game will look like on PS5, and it’s amazing!

Like millions of other gamers, we can’t wait for the launch of Rockstar Games’ GTA 6. After over a decade of GTA 5 remakes, we’re finally ready to move back to the state of Leonida and see the revamped Vice City.

But, unfortunately, it’s going to be quite the wait before we get to play Grand Theft Auto 6 for ourselves. However, in the meantime, we see what booting up the game will look like on launch day, thanks to an incredible concept video.

GTA 6 Startup Screen on PS5

If you wondered what opening GTA 6 will look like on PS5, look no further than this new concept posted to X/Twitter account GTAVInewz.

The fan-made video showcases what Grand Theft Auto 6 will look like on startup, at least for PlayStation fans:

When scrolling over to the GTA 6 icon, an instrumental version of the familiar Trailer 1 song ‘Love Is A Long Road’ begins to play. This is extremely unlikely to be the actual PS5 home screen music for GTA 6, but there’s no question as to how synonymous the track currently is with the upcoming game.

Once the user boots up GTA, we’re treated to a Rockstar Games logo introduction, followed by a series of what appear to be AI-generated animated wallpapers.

GTA 6 AI Generated Loading Screen
Credit: GTAVInewz

Bear in mind that, much like this fan-made concept, these loading screens are completely unofficial, but we imagine they’re pretty similar to the type of images we’ll see in the final release.

Let’s just hope that, with the power of current-gen consoles, GTA 6 doesn’t take as long to load as Grand Theft Auto 5 did on release day!

Is This GTA 6 Startup & Loading Screen a Real Leak?

No, as the GTA 6 NEWS account states, this is simply a concept of what the upcoming game’s startup and loading process will look like on PS5.

It is not a legitimate leak, a fact that many commenters on the social media site seem to be overlooking.

Thankfully at least some X users are able to point out the meaning of the word concept, which it seems that many others do not understand.

It’s unlikely that we’ll be able to see the real GTA 6 startup screen before the game officially launches next year. And, if one new job listing is to be believed, it’s possible that Grand Theft Auto 6 may release very early in 2025!

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