Rumor has it that a PS5 Pro is just about to be revealed, but will the upgrade be the best way to play GTA 6?

Somehow we’re already at the halfway mark for the PS5 and Xbox Series X generation, and rumors of a mid-gen upgrade are everywhere.

According to leaks, PlayStation fans will be getting access to a PS5 Pro at the end of 2024, which means it’ll be in the wild before the release of GTA 6.

But is the new console upgrade a must-have for the upcoming game?

The PS5 Pro Might Not Run GTA 6 Any Better

It’s worth noting that GTA 6 is designed to work on the PS5, Xbox Series X, and even the Series S. Therefore, the game will be optimized for all current-gen consoles, and will not require a PS5 Pro for the intended experience.

In the case of GTA 5, the game ran at 1080p at 30fps on both the base PS4 and PS4 Pro, meaning there may be little difference between playing GTA 6 on PS5 or PS5 Pro initially.

DualSense Controller and PS5 Console

However, Rockstar Games may develop a specific PS5 Pro patch that allows the game to run at a higher resolution or frame rate when compared to the base console.

After all, leaks indicate that developers will have access to the PS5 Pro developer kit well in advance of the console’s supposed release at the end of 2024.

And while we don’t expect Rockstar to spend its last few months of development time giving a small percentage of its players an improved experience, it would theoretically be possible for the team to optimize the game for the new hardware.

Due to the fact that Xbox is not expected to release a similar mid-generation upgrade, the PS5 Pro is theoretically set to be the best platform to play GTA 6 on at launch.

GTA 6 Characters

But it’s also possible that Rockstar will want to keep the player base on even footing – at least until the (unannounced) GTA 6 PC port drops in 2026!

Leaked PS5 Pro Specs

Here are the full leaked specs for the PS5 Pro, as reported first by Moore’s Law Is Dead, and further elaborated upon by Insider Gaming:

  • Higher GPU Performance
    • 67 TFLOPS of 16-bit floating point
    • Rendering on the PS5 Pro will be around 45% faster than the base PS5
  • Faster Ray Tracing
    • The PS5 Pro’s more powerful ray tracing architecture will allow speeds of 2x – 4x faster compared to the base PS5
  • Powerful Machine Learning Architecture
    • Custom architecture for machine learning supporting 300 TOPs of 8-bit computation to support PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR)
      • PSSR is the Sony’s new AI upscaling technology
  • Identical CPU to Base PS5
    • Despite an identical CPU, the Pro will boast a ‘High CPU Frequency Mode’ which should upgrade performance with a minor hit to graphical fidelity
      • This could allow GTA 6 to run at a higher frame rate, though it is currently unconfirmed
  • Improved Audio
    • ACV runs at a higher clock speed, leading to 35% more performance to ACM library
      • This allows for more convolution reverbs to be processed, as well as more FFT or IFFT
  • More Efficient System Memory
    • Reports indicate a bandwidth gain of over 28%, with speeds of 576GB/s (18 GT/s) compared to the base PS5’s 448 GB/s

With a PS5 Pro, PlayStation is likely aiming to finally hit the elusive 4K 60fps target on modern games. The leaks indicate that the console will be capable of upgrading most 1080p games to 1440p, 60fps, or adding ray tracing to the base console experience.

However, it remains to be seen whether or not GTA 6 is capped at 30fps on console, as many gamers expect.

Do You Need a PS5 Pro for GTA 6?

No, you won’t need a PS5 Pro to play GTA 6, however, there’s a chance that it could offer a superior experience.

Rockstar Games’ upcoming title is developed for both PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles, so it’ll run on any current-gen hardware.

What’s more, there is no evidence to suggest that a PS5 Pro will run GTA 6 better than any other hardware at this point, despite the machine supposedly having more raw power to work with.

Vice City Beach in GTA 6

If Rockstar Games develops a specific GTA 6 upgrade for the PS5 Pro, only then will the game perform dramatically better on the newer hardware.

There’s no denying that a more powerful console will be able to handle the intensive open world without dropping frames more easily, and it could also see improved load times too.

However, the leaked specs for the PS5 Pro claim that the CPU is identical to the base console, so any improvements might actually have more to do with graphical fidelity than CPU-heavy aspects like NPC density or overall performance.

With all that in mind, we recommend waiting for an official announcement on how the game will run on PS5 Pro before dropping money on an expensive new console.

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