Rockstar Games’ parent company Take-Two Interactive has just given us a new insight into the official price of GTA 6.

Over the last week, GTA 6 news has just kept pouring in from all directions. Not only did Take-Two Interactive host its quarterly earnings call just a few days ago, but CEO Strauss Zelnick has had plenty to say since then.

Thanks to the investor call, we got the news that Grand Theft Auto 6 is dropping in Fall 2025. And shortly afterward, Zelnick confirmed that Take-Two is very happy with that release date.

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But during the call, the CEO also spoke about how much GTA 6 will cost. And it sounds like the answer will surprise a lot of fans.

Take-Two’s Pricing Philosophy

During the Take-Two Investor call for Q4 2024, Strauss Zelnick was asked how the publisher determines the price of games such as GTA 6.

As reported by GameSpot, although Zelnick didn’t come out and say what price fans should expect GTA 6 to be, he did go into detail about how Take-Two sees value in gaming:

“Look, there’s more content constantly being made available, and we really aim to deliver great value at any given time,” the Take-Two Boss stated. “We’re so focused on delivering more value than what we charge.”

Zelnick emphasized that Take-Two wants a game’s price to be ‘good news’ for all players. The company aims to deliver an experience that ‘vastly over delivers’ when taking its price point into consideration.

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This certainly aligns with Zelnick’s recent interview with CNBC, in which he claimed that the aim of GTA 6 is to create an experience that no one has seen before.

It also lines up with comments made by the CEO during the Q2 2023 earnings call, when Zelnick was asked about the possibility of subscription pricing:

“It’s our strategy here to deliver much more value than what we charge consumers. It’s always been our strategy here.”

There’s No Way That GTA 6 Costs $70, Is There?

Ever since the latest console generation rolled around, we’ve seen an increase in the standard pricing for games.

Alongside the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S came a new $70 price tag, $10 higher than the previous cost of a new title.

Now, some fans suspect that Strauss Zelnick could be getting ready to defend a further increase when it comes to GTA 6. The upcoming release is, after all, the sequel to both the second-best-selling game ever and the fastest-selling entertainment product of all time.

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In the past, the CEO has made comments to suggest that gamers weren’t pushing back on the new $70 price point for new releases. Instead, Zelnick pointed out that consumers were simply limiting their spending to the biggest blockbusters, the kind that Rockstar Games frequently delivers.

Could GTA 6’s insanely long development time, and its supposed $2 billion budget lead to Take-Two deciding to raise the game’s price a little?

Baseless rumors of GTA 6 costing $100 have been swirling around for some time now, but what if the price tag were to jump just $10 more to $80? That would mean millions more in revenue for Take-Two and likely wouldn’t deter too many gamers from purchasing the highly anticipated title, either.

But while few games are likely more deserving of a higher price than GTA 6, breaking away from regulated pricing would be catastrophic for the industry as a whole.

After all, as soon as one developer starts charging more, the floodgates will likely open.

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