Fans are discussing the need for GTA 6 to be playable offline, which isn’t possible for one of Rockstar Games’ most recent releases.

Grand Theft Auto 6 will no doubt eventually be known for its incredible online mode, but for the first few weeks, all anyone is going to be talking about is the game’s story.

But will those without a constant internet connection be able to play GTA 6 at all? Or will Rockstar Games continue to restrict access, as it already does with Red Dead Redemption 2?

Can You Play Offline?

It is very likely that PS5 and Xbox Series X/S players who own a copy of GTA 6 will be able to play it offline.

Therefore yes, at launch, all users should be able to play their new purchase offline without issue. This obviously only applies to story mode content, as all GTA Online gameplay will take place on Rockstar’s online servers.

GTA 6 Lucia and Jason on Car in Key Art

However, when the game eventually comes to PC, it will likely be far trickier to play Grand Theft Auto 6 without periodically connecting to an internet source.

This is the case with Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar’s most recent major release, which requires internet access to be playable on PC.

How Does Red Dead Redemption 2 Work?

On console, Red Dead Redemption 2 is completely playable without an internet connection, assuming the user owns a copy of the game.

It doesn’t matter whether that console is connected to the internet, and Rockstar doesn’t care whether you have PS Plus or Xbox’s online subscription.

But on PC, it’s not quite that simple. When players boot up their copy of Red Dead, it will open through the Rockstar Games launcher, even if the game was initially purchased via Steam.

Rockstar Games Launcher Red Dead Redemption 2

Because of this, you must be online and able to sign in. Even if the Rockstar launcher were to experience issues, players would lose access to their game until they were resolved.

The same applies to GTA 5 on PC, though users have since discovered a workaround, allowing them to enter a line of code and force the game to open offline.

It is possible to play both Red Dead Redemption and GTA 5 offline temporarily, though Rockstar requires you to sign in to Social Club at least once every five days, a feat that requires an online connection.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Duel

We can only imagine that this will be the case for GTA 6, too, but for now, we’ll have to wait for word from the developer.

For now, GTA 6 hasn’t even officially been announced for PC… despite the fact that it’ll almost certainly arrive on the platform!

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