A new Rockstar Games logo has leaked, and it appears to show off an updated Banshee, which could be coming to GTA 6.

We’ve seen a handful of Grand Theft Auto 6’s vehicles already, as plenty of cars, bikes, and planes are visible in the game’s first trailer.

But Rockstar Games may be inadvertently revealing another upcoming vehicle soon, judging by a newly leaked logo.

GTA 6 Vice City Street Cars

The logo redesign, which appears to be part of the developer’s 25th-anniversary celebrations, features a never-seen-before version of a fan-favorite car.

A new Rockstar Games logo which appears to celebrate the team’s long history of game development, appears to showcase a new car for the GTA franchise.

Although some fans think the car could be reminiscent of Rockstar Games’ previous Midnight Club series, others point out the distinct similarities to GTA 5’s Banshee.

The car certainly shares the Banshee’s distinctive profile, with similar headlights, frame, and vent shapes.

But it’s not an exact replica of the GTA vehicle as we know it, leading some fans to suggest that it could instead be GTA 6’s take on the car.

Banshee Leak GTA 6 Rockstar Games Logo
Could This Be a New Banshee For GTA 6?

Throughout the logo, countless references to past Rockstar projects can be found.

We can see Table Tennis paddles from Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis, cowboy hats from Red Dead Redemption, and of course, more than a few nods to GTA.

Is This Actually a GTA 6 Reference?

It’s quite possible that this updated Banshee isn’t a reference to GTA 6, however. The car appearing in this logo could simply be a celebration of the franchise as a whole.

What’s more, Rockstar recently revealed that a big update will be coming to GTA Online in Summer 2024.

Perhaps the developer intends to reveal an updated version of the iconic GTA vehicle at that point. Or maybe Rockstar wanted to acknowledge one of its most beloved vehicles, which has appeared in every new series addition since GTA 3.

Banshee Car in GTA 5
The Banshee in GTA 5

That said, this model could certainly be a more modern take on the Banshee for GTA 6, which is set more than a decade after its predecessor.

After all, while the Banshee does reappear with every new Grand Theft Auto, it usually goes through some design changes.

For now, we’ll have to wait and see. After all, Rockstar Games hasn’t even officially revealed this logo, which has been doing the rounds online.

We’ll keep you updated with all the latest developments as they continue to drop.

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