Rockstar Games’ GTA 6 is the most important video game release of all time, at least according to industry analyst Mat Piscatella.

There’s no question as to just how important Grand Theft Auto 6 is for the fans.

After a decade of waiting for Rockstar Games’ next addition to the critically acclaimed franchise, it’s finally time for a new GTA to be unveiled.

In 2025 (assuming no delays), we’ll be able to play GTA 6 at long last. And as significant as that is to the series’ fan base, the new game may also be the most important release in gaming history – at least, according to one analyst’s claims.

GTA 6 Is The Most Important Thing to Ever Release?

It certainly sounds dramatic, but gaming industry analyst Mat Piscatella believes that GTA 6 could be the most important game to ever release.

This claim comes from an interview the analyst did with, where Circana analyst Piscatella commented on the issues the industry faces in 2024.

After an enormous slate of releases in 2023, many developers are left with little to offer in 2024. In fact, the biggest games of the year so far, Palworld and Helldivers 2, were unexpected viral hits, rather than AAA blockbusters.

Palworld and Helldivers 2

And as eyes begin to look towards next year, the likes of GTA 6 need to live up to expectations to bolster consumer spending back to its prior levels.

“This is going to be a tough year, but if you look towards 2025, if interest rates come down and money becomes a little bit more free-flowing to devs and pubs, we should get a boost in the development cycle again,” claims Piscatella.

The good news is that a new localization role at Rockstar may hint at GTA 6 releasing in early 2025, which means fans won’t be waiting too long for the highly-anticipated title.

“We’re going to get a renewed batch of interest with GTA 6 in particular. There’s probably never been a more important thing to ever release in the industry, so no pressure.”

We’re certain that Rockstar Games is feeling the pressure already, which may be part of the reason that the upcoming title has taken over a decade to develop.

Lucia Looking Out Jail Window in GTA 6

But after parent company Take-Two Interactive dropped profit estimations from eight to seven billion dollars for fiscal year 2025, it’s looking like GTA 6 could be internally delayed to later in the year.

We suppose that when your game is the most important thing to release in the industry, it’s best to make sure GTA 6 is fully ready for release day!

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