In this impressive trailer edit by YouTuber JANTSUU, GTA 5 protagonists Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, and Trevor Philips head to Vice City in GTA 6.

After spending over a decade with the main characters of GTA 5, some fans aren’t quite ready to say goodbye.

Michael, Franklin, and Trevor were each incredible protagonists, made all the more impressive by Rockstar’s ability to flesh each of the three main characters out in a single game.

Now we’ve got two new main characters, Lucia and Jason, to explore in GTA 6. But in this trailer edit, one YouTuber has replaced the upcoming duo with the GTA 5 cast we know and love.

GTA 5 Protagonists in GTA 6

In this incredible re-edit of the GTA 6 debut trailer, YouTuber JANTSUU has removed all references to new protagonists Lucia and Jason, instead replacing them with the cast of GTA 5.

Using what seems to be AI voice generation, the talented fan has even replaced the trailer dialogue where necessary, with support worker Stefanie now talking to Michael in the opening scene.

But while the trailer opens like its official counterpart, it quickly becomes a short story involving the cast of GTA 5.

Michael in Prison in GTA 6 Trailer 1

After Michael goes to prison for his rampage through Vice City, Franklin and Trevor eventually come to his rescue, and the three friends make their escape.

The trailer edit ends with Michael pushing over part of GTA 6’s official logo, turning GTA VI into GTA V.

What’s crazy is that JANTSUU’s new video is a callback to an earlier project, where they edited GTA 4’s protagonists into GTA 5’s trailer.

Could GTA 5 Characters Actually Appear in GTA 6?

Technically GTA 5’s protagonists could appear in GTA 6, though we think the chances of this actually happening are low.

We know that Michael, Franklin, and Trevor all survive the events of GTA 5, as the game’s canon ending is the Deathwish mission, in which all three protagonists team up to take down their enemies.

Franklin in GTA Online

Franklin even returned in GTA Online back in 2021, having become a successful entrepreneur.

References to the other protagonists imply that Michael and Trevor are alive and well – and since GTA 6 looks to be set in 2025, they’re probably still around and kicking.

What’s more, GTA 6 takes place in the same timeline as GTA 5, unlike older games such as the original Vice City. Characters returning in later games isn’t unprecedented either, such as when we saw GTA 4 The Lost and Damned protagonist Johnny Klebitz appear in GTA 5.

However, fans certainly shouldn’t expect Michael, Franklin, or Trevor to play too much of a major role in the GTA 6 storyline.

Not only would Michael and Trevor be a decade older than their last canon appearance, but Rockstar likely wants to move on with a new cast of characters in GTA 6.

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