The GTA 6 map is set to be our next playground for at least another decade, but how big is Leonida, and how does it compare to past releases?

Rockstar Games has revealed only a little information regarding the new-and-improved Vice City that players will be visiting in GTA 6.

The game’s map will be set in the state of Leonida, with Vice City itself being just one of the locations that protagonists Lucia and Jason can visit.

GTA 6 Vice City Boats

Here’s everything we know about the GTA 6 map so far:

GTA 6 Map Size

According to early estimations from fans attempting to piece together the GTA 6 map from leaks and official footage, the GTA 6 map is set to be twice as large as GTA 5’s San Andreas.

If this calculation proves to be correct then Leonida should be around 160 square kilometers of explorable open world. The state is inspired by Florida, with Vice City itself being an interpretation of modern-day Miami.

Here is the latest attempt at mapping out Leonida, as created by DuPz0r and the GTA Mapping community:

Source: VIMAP

With every new trailer or screenshot Rockstar Games releases, the work in progress is sure to get more and more accurate. Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll be waiting quite some time for GTA 6 Trailer 2.

GTA 6 vs GTA 5 Map Size Comparison

Another thing made possible by the VIMAP community is the ability to overlay the GTA 5 map of San Andreas over the top of the GTA 6 map.

As you can see in the image below, the upcoming playable area is at least twice as large as the GTA 5 map.

GTA 6 vs GTA 5 Map
GTA 5 (Black) vs GTA 6 (Green)
Source: VIMAP

This should come as no surprise to longtime fans of the franchise, as GTA maps usually get larger in scale with each release.

However GTA 6’s map has a clear focus on density, with more explorable cities, and Vice City itself being just one of the possible locations that players can visit.

This is a notable improvement over GTA 5, which featured one major city, Los Santos, at the southern end of the map, but a lot of open space to the north.

leonida hovercraft in GTA 6 swampland

We already know from the GTA 6’s trailers that there are plenty of natural environments to explore too, such as areas inspired by the Everglades and Florida’s swampland.

Vice City vs GTA 6 Scale

To get a sense of GTA 6’s scale, look at this comparison of the original Vice City game when compared to the new-and-improved city:

GTA Vice City vs GTA 6 Vice City
GTA Vice City (Left) vs GTA 6 Vice City (Right
Source: VIMAP

To think that what was once an entire Grand Theft Auto map is now just one small part of the GTA 6 playable area is crazy.

And from what we can see in the background of the iconic balcony image from Trailer 1, Vice City is now so sprawling that we can’t even see the entire city on the horizon.

GTA 6 Bikini Balcony Girl

The 2022 leaks suggest that the upcoming game will also feature a lot more enterable buildings, with many locations having unique interiors to explore. In this way, Vice City is sure to feel more immersive than ever by becoming not just larger but denser too!

As soon as we learn more about the GTA 6 map, we’ll update this article with the latest information from Rockstar Games!

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