Has the entire GTA 6 map just been teased via an in-game wall smudge in GTA Online, or has this fan lost their mind?

The wait for more official GTA 6 news continues, and fans are going stir-crazy, trying to spot new information from Rockstar Games.

Just the other day, the game’s community was speculating about a potential Trailer 2 release date hidden inside a GTA Online tattoo.

And now we’re already back in GTA 5’s online multiplayer, analyzing a wall stain.

The Wall Stain Theory

GTA Online just received another major update ‘Bottom Dollar Bounties,’ in which players are tasked with becoming a bounty hunter and tracking down some of San Andreas’ most wanted criminals.

In the new expansion, GTA Online users can visit the new Bottom Dollar Bail Enforcement Office. And, while exploring the new area, one fan thinks they’ve spotted a teaser for GTA 6.

Over on the GTA 6 subreddit, user Sad-Attention-7581 reveals their ‘findings’ – a smudge on the office wall that they believe could be the outline of the upcoming game’s map.

The wall stain is certainly notable, and with the right amount of eye-squinting, you can potentially see GTA 6’s leaked map design somewhere in there.

But personally, we think this fan theory is a bit of a reach.

The user followed up with a second post, hoping to help other fans come to the same conclusion that they had made.

However, the rest of the GTA 6 community isn’t quite as impressed at the new discovery.

“Mental hospital immediately,” suggests user surakeii01, while another user remarks that the wall stain more closely resembles two bears high-fiving.

Others praise the post for at least being more interesting than other recent subreddit content. With so little official information to go off, fans have taken to breaking down GTA 6 Trailer 1 frame by frame, or listing features they want to see on launch day.

byu/Sad-Attention-7581 from discussion

It’s certainly not unheard of for Rockstar Games to tease upcoming content in GTA Online.

After all, the developer previously teased its GTA 6 Trailer 1 release date via an in-game shirt – and nobody spotted the date hidden in plain sight!

Perhaps we’ll look back at this post in a few months and discover that the wall stain was indeed a hint at the map of Leonida.

Or, more likely, we’ll never hear about this strange wall texture again.

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