Try not to get too attached to the GTA 6 protagonists, as it’s possible that Lucia or Jason will die in the final mission of the upcoming storyline!

Grand Theft Auto 6 doesn’t even have a firm release date, yet fans are already making predictions about the fates of our new main characters.

In Trailer 1, we got introduced to Lucia, GTA’s first voiced female protagonist. We also caught a glimpse of Jason, a leaked name that belongs to the accompanying male main character, though we still know little about the duo.

But that hasn’t stopped fans from already suggesting that either Lucia or Jason could meet their end by the end of the GTA 6 story.

Lucia and Jason Store Robbery in GTA 6 Trailer 1

Will Lucia or Jason Die?

It’s very possible that Lucia or Jason could die at the end of the GTA 6 story, leaving players with only one character to continue exploring the open world with.

Rockstar Games often has multiple endings available in its games and doesn’t shy away from its main characters dying.

For example, at the end of GTA 5, Franklin is given a choice to either kill Michael or Trevor, or he can choose a third option that has him team up with the other protagonists in order to wipe out all their enemies.

Lucia and Jason on Bed in GTA 6

We could see GTA 6 offering players a similar choice, but instead making us pick between Lucia and Jason.

Some fans believe that one of the duo might have to make a sacrifice and either die or get arrested in order to save the other.

“I can imagine multiple endings where either Jason or Lucia die & you play as the one still alive after the end credits” Reddit user Minute-Better speculates. “There will probably be an ending where they both live anyway, like in GTA 5.”

Given that the couple is supposedly based on the legendary criminals Bonnie and Clyde, we could also see an ending where both characters meet their end at the hands of the law, much like their real-world counterparts.

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But if gamers play their cards right, there might also be an ending where both characters survive.

byu/jericho681 from discussion

It’s worth noting that the canon ending to GTA 5 is the one where all three protagonists live, as confirmed by GTA Online.

Rockstar Games Where the Main Character Dies

Before you go any further, bear in mind that the following section contains major spoilers for previous Rockstar Games titles.

Don’t read on if you care about spoilers for both past GTA games and the developer’s other franchises.


As we mentioned earlier, GTA 5 has three endings for players to experience:

  • Kill Trevor – Franklin chooses to kill Trevor at the request of FIB agent Steve Haines. Trevor ends up being killed by an exploding fuel tanker after being chased down by both Franklin and Michael.
  • Kill Michael – Franklin chooses to kill Michael at the request of Devin Weston. Michael meets his end when he falls from a power station generator tower after a battle with his former friend.
  • Deathwish – In GTA 5’s canon ending, Franklin, Michael, and Trevor team up to take down all their enemies. The trio manages to wipe out Steve Haines, Stretch, Wei Cheng, and Devon Weston, as well as the entire FIB and Merryweather organizations.

It’s worth noting that GTA Online confirms that Deathwish is the true ending of GTA 5, meaning that no protagonist actually perishes in the story.

GTA 5 Franklin Aiming A Shotgun

However, the options to kill off Michael or Trevor are there for those who choose them.

Red Dead Redemption 1 & 2

Both Red Dead Redemption and its sequel feature the death of their main characters, and neither outcome is avoidable.

Red Dead Redemption

In the original Red Dead Redemption, John Marston and his family are attacked by the United States Army, under the direction of Edgar Ross.

After defeating dozens of soldiers, John sends his family away on a horse before dramatically facing down a small army of enemies.

John Marston Death in Red Dead Redemption

Despite his best efforts, he is gunned down, finally attaining redemption for his sacrifice.

Once John meets his end, players take control of his nineteen-year-old son, Jack Marston, unlocking a new playable character.

Red Dead Redemption 2

In the sequel, Red Dead Redemption 2, Arthur Morgan also perishes at the end of the story. No matter the choices you make, the protagonist isn’t able to survive, thanks to his contraction of tuberculosis.

However, a player who has high honor will see a different ending to their main character than those with low honor. Should Arthur Morgan be a respectable man, he’ll end up passing away while watching the sunrise.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Arthur Morgan

A low honor Morgan will instead be killed by Micah, the traitor who ratted out the Van der Linde gang. Either way, players then take control of John Marston as a new playable character.

GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 1 & 2 are the only Rockstar Games where a protagonist dies during the events of their own game’s story.

Aside from these two, we’ve also seen GTA: Vice City Stories’ protagonist Vic Vance die in the original Vice City, and GTA 4 DLC protagonist Johnny Klebitz meet his end in GTA 5.

But could GTA 6 soon join the list of games that see their main characters die?

It’s certainly notable that GTA 5 and RDR2 are Rockstar’s most recent major projects. Perhaps the developer is becoming fond of giving its main characters a dramatic send-off.

For now, only time will tell.

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