Lucia is set to be one of the GTA 6 protagonists and has been the main focus of the recent marketing, but who exactly is our new main character?

The Grand Theft Auto franchise is known for its incredible protagonists from Carl Johnson to Tommy Vercetti to Niko Bellic.

Now, as GTA 6 begins to take center stage, we’ve got a new protagonist to explore in Lucia. Here’s everything we know about her:

Who Is Lucia?

Lucia is the first-ever voiced female protagonist in the Grand Theft Auto franchise and the main character of GTA 6.

There have technically been silent female protagonists in the original GTA and GTA 2, but Lucia is undoubtedly one of a kind where the modern games are concerned.

GTA 6 Lucia and Male Main Character Stealing

Lucia lives in Vice-Dale County in the state of Leonida, where GTA 6 is set. During the mid-2020s, she was serving time in prison for a crime that has not yet been revealed.


Presumably, shortly after Lucia’s arrest, Stefanie was assigned to be her social worker. In the first trailer for GTA 6, Lucia refers to her time spent behind bars as being due to ‘bad luck, I guess.”

Stefanie and Lucia in GTA 6 Prison

In addition, it is implied that Lucia and the male protagonist of GTA 6 (who leaks indicate could be called Jason) might be in a romantic relationship.

Lucia and Jason in GTA 6

At the end of Trailer 1, Lucia is shown sitting on top of him in a bedroom setting after robbing a convenience store and making a speedy getaway.

“The only way we’re gonna get through this is by sticking together, being a team. Trust?”

Lucia to GTA 6’s male protagonist

It is thought that Lucia and ‘Jason’ are inspired by real-life criminals Bonnie and Clyde.

Who Is Lucia’s Voice Actor?

Although Lucia’s voice actor hasn’t been revealed officially, fans certainly have a few theories as to who could be playing the GTA 6 protagonist:

Manni L. Perez

One actor who has been top of fans’ lists of predictions lately is Manni L. Perez – and for good reason.

Lucia and Manni L Perez

Not only is there a strong resemblance between Perez and Lucia, but the actress’ portfolio claims she has already done some voice work in Grand Theft Auto 5. Her voice even sounds very close to the GTA 6 protagonist’s, which leads some users to believe that we’ve already discovered our main character.

However, Perez outright denies being in a GTA title in the interview below, with many fans considering her strong adverse reaction to be evidence that she’s covering something up.

In an interview with DJ Echo on Triple Threat FM Radio, Perez refers to something big coming up in the future, but informs listeners that she is currently under NDA.

However just listen to her voice in this episode of Chicago PD and you might find yourself as convinced as the rest of the fans:

Natalie Morales

Another suggestion that fans have been throwing around is Natalie Morales, known for playing Michelle in Dead to Me, Lucy in Parks and Recreation, and Anne in Santa Clarita Diet.

Natalie Morales Lucia GTA 6

Alongside her enormous array of memorable roles, Morales already has some voice acting experience, in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Harley Quinn, BoJack Horseman, and more.

In IMDb’s ‘All About Natalie Morales’ showcase, several YouTube commenters are already placing their bets that the actress will be announced as GTA 6’s protagonist soon.

Alexandra C. Echavarri

Puerto Rican, Cuban voice actress Alexandra C. Echavarri recently drew a lot of fan attention, after she was added to the GTA 6 IMDb page as Lucia.

Alexandra C. Echavarri Lucia in GTA 6

However, shortly after fans picked up on this supposed casting, Echavarri posted to her official Instagram page, stating that she was actually the voice actor for Warehouse Boss, Lupe in GTA Online.

Was this simply a mistaken listing on IMDb, or was the actress simply trying to redirect attention? It’s very possible that Echavarri could be returning in a major role in GTA 6.

Lucia Cast Alexandra Echavarri IMDb
Source: Idle Sloth via X

Fans may know Alexandra Echavarri from the TV series FBI, where she portrayed Maria Nuñez, or in the movie Attraction to Paris, where she played Carmen.

Check out the actor’s ‘Best Of’ reel and see if you can hear Lucia in Echavarri’s performance:

That’s everything we know about Lucia in GTA 6 for now, but we’ll keep you updated as new developments arise!

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