Grand Theft Auto fans have made a controller layout for GTA 6 based on leaks, and the controls include some exciting new gameplay features!

While the gameplay of GTA 6 will almost certainly be very similar to previous Grand Theft Auto titles, developer Rockstar Games is bound to make some innovations for their first GTA game in over 10 years.

So far, the only look we have had at GTA 6 is from the record-breaking first trailer that premiered back in December 2023. However, there have been plenty of interesting leaks about the game.

This has led fans to make a controller layout for GTA 6 based on the leaks, which includes a couple of exciting new features.

Leaked GTA 6 PS5 Controller Layout

GTA fans have made this PS5 controller layout based on previous Grand Theft Auto 6 gameplay leaks:

  • L2: Aim
  • L1: Weapon Wheel
  • D-Pad Down: Switch Character
  • Left Stick: Move Around
  • L3: Press to Crouch/Hold to go Prone
  • R2: Shoot
  • Triangle: Pick Up Item
  • Circle: Punch/Reload
  • Cross: Tap/Hold to Sprint
  • Right Stick: Look Around
  • R3: Switch Weapon Hand

None of these GTA 6 controls are confirmed yet and are also subject to change. Therefore, take this with a pinch of salt.

While most of the controls remain the same from GTA 5, there are a few notable changes and additions to the controller layout.

D-Pad Character Switching

As GTA 6 has two playable protagonists – Lucia and Jasonplayers will be able to switch between them with one simple tap of the down button on the D-Pad.

While very similar to GTA 5, there only being two characters this time means that switching will require tapping rather than holding the button.

GTA 6 Lucia and Male Main Character Stealing

Looting Button

Another interesting gameplay feature in GTA 6, revealed by this leaked controller layout, is a button to loot. In previous GTA games, your character would pick up cash and ammunition by walking over it, but it looks like this won’t be the case in GTA 6.

Instead, judging by the leaked controls, looting in GTA 6 will likely be more similar to Red Dead Redemption 2. In Rockstar’s most recent title, looting was a lot slower and required opening up containers and manually searching bodies.

While this certainly slows the gameplay down, it would make for a much more immersive experience in GTA 6.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Looting From a Medicine Cabinet

Manual Crouch & Prone

Another much-requested feature that is coming to GTA 6 (according to this leaked controller layout) is a crouch and prone button.

Previously, there was no way to crouch in GTA – you could only take cover behind objects and walls. However, in Grand Theft Auto 6, it looks like you will be able to crouch freely and go prone on the floor. This will almost certainly make stealth sections in the game much more fun!

Trevor Taking Cover Behind a Van in GTA 5

Weapon Hand Swapping

The final feature of note is the ability to swap what hand your weapon is in by pressing R3. This should be a handy addition to help you aim in the right direction while in third-person view.

No Cover Button?

Alongside these new gameplay features for GTA 6, there is one notable action missing from the leaked controller layout. In GTA 5, the R1/RB button snaps your character to cover, but this doesn’t seem to be in GTA 6.

One explanation behind this is that GTA 6 could use a new cover system where players automatically snap to cover. Or, this could be linked to the new crouch button.

Alternatively, snapping to cover could still be in the game but was left off of the leaked controller layout. After all, it is just based on the previous gameplay leak and is not an official source.

GTA 5 Franklin Aiming A Shotgun

Hopefully, we get to see some of these potential new gameplay features in the next GTA 6 trailer. However, we will almost certainly be waiting a very long time to see the official controller layout, which would confirm if these features are actually in Grand Theft Auto 6.

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