GTA 6 is set to give us two new criminal protagonists, Lucia and Jason, but fans have a theory that the latter might be an undercover cop.

If you’ve been paying close attention to the latest GTA 6 rumors, you might have heard that the male protagonist of the game is set to be named Jason.

And if you’ve really been paying attention, you may have noticed more than a few fans beginning to suggest that Jason might not be all that he seems.

But is Jason an undercover cop in GTA 6, as many have suggested? And why do fans believe that he could be?

Is Jason an Undercover Cop?

There is currently no evidence to suggest that Jason will be an undercover police officer in GTA 6.

Not only has Rockstar not revealed any information to suggest that our male protagonist is a cop, but it also doesn’t appear in any of the major GTA 6 leaks.

Jason in GTA 6 Trailer 1

However, this popular internet theory has been making the rounds ever since Trailer 1 went live.

How Did The Rumor Start?

The theory appears to have been popularized by JOJO_REDDIT on the GTA 6 subreddit, who suggests:

“I think the trailer tells us about Jason being an undercover cop, Lucia being the lifelong struggling criminal protagonist and how Jason falls in love with her.”

The idea that Jason could be hiding a major secret largely comes from the fact that we never get a good look at his face in the GTA 6 trailer.

Lucia and Jason Robbing a Store

He’s always seen at least partially from the side, or with his face covered by a mask.

Of course, this could just be because Trailer 1 was more focused on Lucia than our technically unnamed male protagonist. It’s likely that Jason will get a proper introduction in the game’s second trailer.

But when you add the fact that the trailer features a first-person bodycam shot from the perspective of what looks to be a white police officer, fans begin to suggest that it’s Jason himself.

He certainly has a cop haircut, but would GTA 6 really work with Jason undercover the whole time?

Police Bodycam Footage in GTA 6

After all, the game’s open world will allow a supposed cop to go on a killing spree, hijacking cars, and mowing down civilians.

It’s entirely possible that Rockstar doesn’t care, however. After all, GTA 4 has a serious, grounded storyline in which Niko Bellic initially refuses to fall back into a life of crime, but players are still free to do as they please in between missions!

Love Is a Long Road

The post by JOJO_REDDIT also suggests that GTA 6 Trailer 1’s song choice, Love Is a Long Road, by Tom Petty, could hold the key to Jason’s identity.

The Reddit user theorizes that the lyrics of the iconic song could be telling Jason’s story as he falls for Lucia and must choose between keeping her and doing his job:

There was a girl I knew,
She said she cared about me.
She tried to make my world,
The way she thought it should be

Yeah, we were desperate then,
To have each other to hold.
But love is a long, long road.
Yeah, love is a long, long road.

lucia and jason on the bed gta 6

What’s more, Jason’s only line of dialogue in Trailer 1 is: “Trust.”

This could be Rockstar Games hinting at a major theme of the game’s plot, which would be especially relevant if Jason was hiding a major secret.

Fans have also suggested that Lucia and Jason may have a Trust meter that is influenced by in-game decisions. Depending on where that meter ends up, it could determine whether one character lives or dies in the game’s final mission.

But we think the game’s community is getting ahead of itself for now.

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