Rockstar Games always encourages fans to play however they want to, but some fans hope their decisions will actually impact the GTA 6 story this time around.

Grand Theft Auto games are the ultimate sandbox experiences, allowing players to live out their characters’ lives in a series of incredible, immersive, open-world environments.

However, despite the freedom the games present to you, player choices aren’t overly impactful in many Rockstar titles.

And in the case of GTA 6, some fans hope that the developer will allow them to make real decisions.

Should GTA 6 Allow Players to Impact the Story?

Some GTA 6 fans suggest that Rockstar should allow them to impact the direction of the game’s story at several key moments.

We’ve seen the developer attempt this several times in the past, most recently in Red Dead Redemption 2, where Arthur Morgan’s Honor level would slightly alter his ending.

“I think the story should be like in RDR2, two playstyles and thus 2 endings,” Reddit user DutchMapping suggests. “In side quests though they can go absolutely wild with different choices and consequences, maybe even having a minor impact on the main story.”

On the other hand, several commenters on the GTA subreddit state their preference for a more linear storyline.

Lucia in Prison Jumpsuit GTA 6 Trailer

After all, that would allow the game’s developer to create a cinematic and well-written story, with a definitive outcome.

As ZombieEmergency4391 puts it:

“I don’t want an RPG. I want a linear story. It’s what Rockstar does best.”

Previously, we’ve seen suggestions for protagonists Lucia and Jason to have a Trust mechanic that is affected by in-game decisions. The trust levels between our two main characters could then impact whether one of them lives or dies in the game’s final mission.

But ultimately, this is all just wishful thinking for now. Whether or not player choices will matter in GTA 6, Rockstar already made that decision a long time ago.

For now, we’ll have to wait and see!

Previous Rockstar Games Story Decisions

In the past, we’ve seen several attempts by Rockstar Games to give players the freedom to choose their path at certain points in its games’ stories.


One major example can be seen in GTA 5’s heists, where users get to select their teams and choose how to carry out the job.

For example, in the jewelry store job, Michael and Franklin can choose to go in Smart or Loud, allowing the duo to either use gas to knock out the store’s occupants or simply barge through the front door and take hostages.

GTA 5 Jewelry Store Heist

In the game’s final mission, players must make another decision: Franklin must choose to kill Michael or Trevor or team up with both of them to take down all their enemies.

However, regardless of what players choose, this third ending, Deathwish, is the canon ending to GTA 5. Franklin has since appeared in GTA Online, and references are made to the other characters being alive and well in 2021.

Red Dead Redemption 2

In Red Dead Redemption 2, many of your decisions have little to no impact on the story as a whole.

Arthur Morgan has plenty of choices to make throughout the game, but most decisions don’t change much.

One of Arthur’s biggest decisions is whether or not to help Mary, his previous romantic partner, save her family.

Arthur Morgan and Mary Holding Hands in Red Dead Redemption 2

Choosing to help her will provide two extra side missions, and players can then accompany Mary to the theatre as friends, saying a proper goodbye at last.

Choosing not to help her will simply lead to no additional missions.

Despite the above, Red Dead Redemption 2 is all about the tiny choices players get to make. After all, Arthur will constantly gain or lose Honor based on his actions, and it’s this Honor that ultimately determines the game’s ending.

However, while this system works well in the Old West, Honor wouldn’t be a good fit for the chaos of GTA 6.


GTA 4 was the first GTA game to allow players to make truly impactful decisions, though this only occurs after the title’s penultimate mission, ‘One Last Thing.’

Towards the end of the game, protagonist Niko Bellic can either choose to strike a deal on Dimitri Rascalov or exact his revenge on him.

Niko Bellic and Kate at Roman's Wedding in GTA 4

The decision made will cause either Niko’s girlfriend, Kate McReary, or his cousin, Roman Bellic, to be killed. It will also change the final mission significantly.

Niko can also choose to spare or kill various people throughout the GTA 4 storyline, some of which will reappear if players let them live.

It’s clear that player choices are important to Rockstar, even if the developer rarely lets us make too influential ones.

We hope to make an impact on the GTA 6 story when the game arrives in 2025, but we’ll take a good story over a choose-your-own-adventure any day!

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