The monthly GTA+ membership price has increased, prompting worries from Grand Theft Auto fans about microtransactions in GTA 6 Online!

GTA+ is a monthly membership service which gives GTA Online players plenty of great bonuses. This includes a monthly $500,000 deposit into your Maze Bank account, members-only discounts and XP bonuses, and garage space for up to 100 vehicles.

And while GTA+ was certainly a no-brainer for hardcore GTA Online fans, Rockstar has just hiked up the membership price by $2. Previously, GTA+ cost $5.99 per month, but the new price is $7.99.

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Of course, fans are not happy shelling out an extra $24 per year on GTA+, and many have cancelled their memberships. However, it has also sparked some serious worry about how Rockstar Games will implement microtransactions in GTA 6 Online!

Fans are Worried About GTA 6 Online’s Microtransactions

Grand Theft Auto fans on the GTA Online subreddit are concerned about Rockstar Games’ decision to increase the price of GTA+. Many even believe it could be a sign of things to come regarding in-game purchases in GTA Online.

In the replies to a post lamenting the new price for GTA+, fans have expressed concerns about Rockstar’s microtransaction pricing.

A common point of view in the replies is that the GTA+ price increase will just be the start of more expensive microtransactions in GTA Online.

One of the most popular replies expresses concerns that the online component of GTA 6 will be a “microtransaction hellscape”. Unfortunately, many fans agree.

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Some GTA players would even go as far as saying that GTA 6 Online will be “a mess” because of the cost of in-game purchases and believe that Rockstar will use the current GTA Online to test these microtransactions.

While there’s no concrete evidence that this will be the case, it is certainly possible. After all, Rockstar Games will want to get its in-game pricing right when GTA 6 Online launches.

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In addition to the concerns prompted by the GTA+ price increase, another reply from OrdinaryTechnician14 gives a good reason why Rockstar could be more “aggressive” with microtransactions.

As Rockstar didn’t have much experience with in-game purchases when making GTA 5’s online mode, they believe that the developer could lean into grinding and paid content more in GTA 6 Online.

This could mean anything from more expensive Shark Cards to extra kinds of premium currency.

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However, while there is certainly cause for concern around the GTA+ membership price, worrying about microtransactions GTA 6 Online is probably an overreaction right now. After all, Rockstar Games hasn’t even announced an online mode for GTA 6 yet!

Additionally, even if we expect GTA 6 Trailer 2 to arrive this year, Rockstar will probably keep that to single-player. The announcement for the game’s multiplayer mode will likely be much closer to the Grand Theft Auto 6 release date.

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