A groundbreaking discovery from the GTA Online community reveals that the game’s new update added an item we know is 100% coming to GTA 6!

Fans have long suspected that GTA Online might be something of a testing ground for Rockstar’s upcoming title.

In fact, the newest cars to arrive in GTA Online are even speculated to appear in GTA 6, given that they’re far more detailed than ones we’ve seen before.

Now, the Bottom Dollar Bounties update is confirmed to have brought at least one cosmetic item over from GTA 6, which suggests that more assets could already have made the jump.

GTA Online Necklace Appears in GTA 6 Trailer 1

A new necklace that appears in GTA Online has already been spotted in GTA 6’s debut trailer.

The ‘Silver Layered Necklace’ can be purchased from high-end clothing store Ponsonbys in GTA Online.

Silver Layered Necklance in GTA Online Ponsonbys Store
Credit: /u/DogWifDreads

This new item only became available alongside the recent Bottom Dollar Bounties update, but this isn’t the first time we’ve seen it.

As Reddit user DogWifDreads points out, the necklace is the same as the one being worn by the now-iconic balcony woman in GTA 6 Trailer 1:

Balcony Girl Necklace in GTA 6 Trailer 1

The jewelry in question looks identical to GTA Online’s Silver Layered Necklace, so it is certainly no coincidence.

But this begs the question, has any other GTA 6 content been similarly repurposed for GTA Online already?

We’ve already seen some speculation that GTA Online’s new cars are backported from GTA 6, given their incredibly detailed models.

And it wouldn’t be too shocking to learn that Rockstar is prioritizing the new game development over what could be the final year of GTA 5’s online multiplayer content.

For now, we’ll have to keep our eyes peeled, and wait and see.

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