After an entire decade since the release of GTA 5 and years of speculation, the first trailer for GTA 6 is almost upon us!

Rockstar Games has confirmed that the “first trailer for the next Grand Theft Auto” is releasing in early December, which is only a matter of weeks away.

While it hasn’t provided a specific date for the trailer, we have a pretty good estimate of when it could be.

‘Early December’ Likely Means 1st-10th

Firstly, Rockstar has officially set the trailer for ‘early December,’ which most likely means anytime from the 1st until the 10th (including those dates). Until the 15th is technically possible, but that’s more mid-December.

This leaves us with just one-third of December when the trailer will be released, but a few dates seem more likely than others…

Rockstar’s 25th Anniversary is on December 1

As confirmed in the Newswire statement, one of the main reasons for the trailer coming next month is to celebrate the studio’s 25th anniversary.

There are a lot of questions surrounding the date Rockstar was founded.

Some fans believe the company was founded on Dec 10, 1998, as this is when it once celebrated its anniversary. The studio celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2018 with a warehouse sale starting Dec 10.

However, according to our research, Rockstar Games was founded on December 1, 1998.

Rockstar Games logo on a black background

A quick domain search shows the domain was registered on this date (1998-12-01).

If it wants to release the trailer on the actual day of its anniversary, it appears Dec 1 will be the date. This also matches the “early December” release window.

Moon Teaser

Remember when Rockstar had the internet in a frenzy by posting a picture of the moon with the letters “VI” clearly emphasized in the VINEWOOD sign?

Well, it could turn out that it was actually teasing the date of the first trailer, just not as early as some fans theorized.

The tweet from late September shows two characters covering most of the VINEWOOD sign except the letters “VI” on the left-hand side. And with everyone talking about GTA 6, it’s fair to say Rockstar knew what they were doing here.

GTA VI Moon Teaser
Letters “VI” shown on the left side, Waning Gibbous moon phase at 85% shown in the top right

As seen in the top right of the image, the moon phase appears to be a Waning Gibbous at roughly 85%.

Initially, fans believed this was hinting at October 3 since that was the next date the moon would be in the Waning Gibbous phase at roughly 85%.

Fast forward two months, and guess what? When will the moon phase next be Waning Gibbous and closest to 85% again? That’s right, on December 1, 2023.

December 2023 Moon Phases
According to SpaceWeatherLive, December 1 is the next time the moon phase is Waning Gibbous and closest to 85%, matching Rockstar’s teaser image.

The Game Awards Begins December 7

TGA (The Game Awards) takes place on December 7, and Rockstar Games is listed on the show’s Advisory Board. This isn’t surprising, though, since the studio has been included in this list several times before.

Rockstar Games on The Game Awards Advisory Board
Rockstar Games is listed on TGA Advisory Board.

What’s interesting is that less than 20 minutes after insider Jason Schreier broke the news about GTA 6 being announced a few weeks ago, host Geoff Keighley tweeted to let everyone know when TGA begins:

We’re not saying this is definitely related, but the tweet’s timing certainly has some fans expecting the game to be revealed at TGA on Dec 7.

However, it’s worth noting that Rockstar tends to post announcements on its own platforms.

Rockstar may reveal the game before TGA and talk in more detail on stage with Geoff Keighley about the trailer on Dec 7. Releasing the trailer a week before TGA won’t interfere with the event and will receive all the attention for that week.

Next GTA Online Update Expected December 12

The latest round of GTA+ rewards ends on Dec 11, which suggests the next GTA Online DLC will be released on Tuesday, Dec 12.

We can’t imagine Rockstar will want to interfere with this update, so we can confidently predict the trailer dropping anytime before this date.

Italian Version of Newswire Says “First Days of December”

As pointed out by Reddit user RojaTop, the Italian version of the GTA 6 trailer announcement on the Rockstar Newswire says “primi giorni di Dicembre” which translates to “first days of December.”

The words “Early December” in Italian would be “inizio Dicembre.”

byu/RojaTop from discussion

It seems the Italian version of the Newswire is the only one with this translation, whereas the others correctly translate to “early December.”

This could narrow down the potential trailer date to just a few days, as the first days of December probably mean anytime from the 3rd until the 5th.

Our Prediction

In conclusion, we predict that the debut trailer for GTA 6 will arrive between December 1-7, most likely on one of the following dates:

  • Dec 1st – Rockstar’s 25th anniversary date.
  • Dec 3rd – A few rumors surrounding this date. RDR2 was also first teased on a Sunday.
  • Dec 5th – Tuesday, lots of previous Rockstar announcements have happened on a Tuesday.
  • Dec 7th – The Game Awards

UPDATE – December 1 at 9 AM ET: Rockstar has now officially confirmed the official trailer 1 date and time.

This matches the ‘early December’ release window and is also suggested by several other factors.

While Rockstar’s 25th anniversary date and the previous moon teaser suggest Dec 1 will be the date of the trailer, other potential teasers indicate it will be revealed at The Game Awards on Dec 7.

Rockstar is well known for keeping its plans close to its chest, so there isn’t enough credible information to pinpoint a specific date. However, we can be confident of a reveal in the first 7 days of December.

As we wait for the first trailer, listen to these 6 perfect song ideas we think should be used next month.

Leading up to GTA 5’s first-ever trailer, Rockstar posted a countdown precisely one week before. The debut trailer for GTA V was released on Wednesday, Nov 2, 2011, with its countdown arriving on Oct 26.

GTA 5 Trailer Countdown
GTA 5’s countdown for the debut trailer

If the studio follows the same marketing strategy this time, the official GTA 6 trailer date could be revealed as early as Monday, Nov 27.

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