Talented fans wasted no time recreating GTA 6 Trailer 1, and the title for the most incredible remix yet goes to Boranium Art’s remake in Minecraft!

It’s always incredible to see what fans get up to while waiting for a new game to release. Right now, we’re in a GTA 6 dry spell, with Rockstar not likely to release a new trailer until the end of the year.

And while they wait, fans have taken to remixing the one GTA 6 trailer we do have.

We’ve already seen a real-life GTA 6 trailer, as well as what the game would look like if GTA 6 was set in Cambodia, but now we may have the best remake yet!

Minecraft GTA 6 Trailer Lucia and Jason

GTA 6 x Minecraft Trailer

This insanely detailed GTA 6 x Minecraft trailer shows off Vice City in block form, and it’s a stunning recreation of our first look at the upcoming title.

YouTuber Boranium Art, known for their animated Minecraft remakes of iconic trailers, posted the video to their channel on February 13, 2024:

Environments, characters, and even lighting have been meticulously recreated, making this one of the best trailer remakes we’ve ever seen.

Here’s the actual GTA 6 Trailer 1 so you can see just how detailed and accurate the animator has been with their Minecraft remake:

This isn’t even the first Rockstar Games trailer the YouTuber has attempted, as last year they released an equally-incredible Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer that has almost reached 400,000 views!

UPDATE (March 26, 2024): According to the trailer’s creator, YouTube keeps confusing the Minecraft remake with the official GTA 6 trailer, allowing Boranium Art to issue a copyright claim on re-uploads of Rockstar Game’s own property!

Given that the actual GTA 6 trailer has only been out for a little over two months, we imagine that Boranium Art has been hard at work on this recreation since it dropped.

Despite this fact, the video only has 18,000 views at the time of this article’s writing – but we’d say it’s likely to blow up soon!

The Fan Response

After the video was posted to the GTA 6 subreddit, Grand Theft Auto fans were quick to share their opinions of the fan trailer:

“Of ALL of the remixes I’ve seen this one required the most artistic talent and raw drive. Seriously incredible,” Reddut user hahahypno writes.

Other users were quick to agree, calling the trailer remake a ‘masterpiece’ and one of the best pieces of fan content they’ve ever seen.

byu/Yu_Gl_Oh from discussion

GTA fans on Twitter are also congratulating the animator on their latest upload, and it’s great to see such a talented individual getting some well-deserved recognition.

For those that just can’t stop watching, take a closer look and you’ll even be able to spot Herobrine throughout the trailer!

The infamous Minecraft creepypasta character appears in several shots, but you’ll have to be extremely perceptive in order to spot him.

Herobrine in GTA 6 Minecraft Trailer

For example, here’s one Herobrine hiding underneath the bridge in the first two seconds of the video… The rest, you’ll have to find yourself!

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