The GTA 6 trailer broke the internet back in December 2023, and now one YouTuber has attempted to recapture the magic in real life.

Vice City is back in Grand Theft Auto 6, and our reintroduction to the iconic location in Rockstar Games’ first trailer was perfect.

Set to Tom Petty’s ‘Love Is a Long Road,’ the GTA 6 trailer captures the essence of the game fans have waited over a decade to play. But one YouTuber who didn’t fancy waiting for the 2025 release date has already headed to Vice City in person.

GTA 6 Trailer In Real Life

In a video entitled ‘GTA 6 mais dans la VRAIE VIE !‘ (GTA 6 but in REAL LIFE), French YouTuber CYRILmp4 travels to Miami and reshoots key moments from the new trailer in person.

What’s truly incredible about the footage is that it shows just how realistic GTA 6 looks when compared side-by-side with actual shots of Miami.

In some parts of the reshot trailer, we’re actually thankful that Cyril told us which part was real footage, and which was in-game!

Since the colors look spot-on, it’s likely that some color correcting was done in the video’s editing, but it’s remarkable how lifelike Rockstar’s world looks when compared to the real deal.

For those unaware, Vice City is directly inspired by Miami – just as the state of Leonida, where GTA 6 is set, is inspired by Florida.

GTA 6 Boat in Real Life
GTA 6 Trailer (Left) vs CYRILmp4’s Footage (Right)

In fact, Miami and Vice City are probably closer than ever in GTA 6.

Here’s a look at the real-world Miami when compared to early mapping efforts for Grand Theft Auto 6’s Vice City:

Miami vs GTA 6 Vice City Comparison
Miami (Left) vs GTA 6 Vice City (Right)
Credit: VIMAP

Rockstar Games clearly did its research when returning to Vice City for GTA 6.

And when we compare that opening trailer shot to how it would have looked back in 2002’s game, it’s quite the stark contrast!

Hopefully, we get to see more side-by-side shots of Leonida and Florida in the game’s second trailer.

After all, we’ve done some analysis into what Rockstar Games will show in GTA 6 trailer 2, and it should include an in-depth look into the game’s world – and a proper introduction to both protagonists!

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