One extremely talented Grand Theft Auto fan has recreated the GTA 6 trailer shot-for-shot using footage from Cambodia, and it has us ready to demand that Rockstar make a game set outside of the United States.

Grand Theft Auto is a franchise that feels incredibly USA-oriented, thanks to the fact that almost every game in the series is set in America. With the exception of two London expansions for the original GTA, the franchise is practically always centered in the United States.

Even GTA: Chinatown Wars, which followed Triad member Huang Lee, was set (once again) in Liberty City.

Now, one fan has given us a look at what a game elsewhere in the world could look like, by creating their own trailer for GTA 6: Cambodia. And it looks amazing!

GTA 6: Cambodia Trailer

A talented GTA fan by the name of Epic_Dante_Kill has recreated GTA 6 Trailer 1 almost entirely shot-for-shot, using footage from Cambodia.

The fan-made trailer was uploaded to the GTA 6 subreddit, where it quickly gained attention from fans who are already going crazy waiting for more Grand Theft Auto content:

What’s particularly impressive about the GTA 6: Cambodia trailer is its attention to detail.

Some of the shots are so accurate when compared to the original trailer’s footage of the new-and-improved Vice City:

This isn’t even the only trailer remake we’ve seen from the Grand Theft Auto community in the last few days. Recently, we saw a major GTA YouTuber recreate Trailer 1 in real life, using shots from Miami.

And as incredible as it was to see Rockstar’s actual inspiration for GTA 6’s setting, this new Southeast Asian take on the franchise is something we’d like to see explored in future.

Why Is GTA Always Set in the USA?

The main reason that the Grand Theft Auto series always has a USA setting is that the GTA franchise acts as a parody of America.

This can be seen front-and-center in the GTA 6 reveal trailer, where Rockstar Games makes reference to several viral US citizens, such as the Florida Joker or L.A. Hammer Lady.

GTA 6 Hammer Lady and Florida Joker

As a series, GTA games seek to actively poke fun at American values and highlight the flaws in modern-day society – while simultaneously appearing to celebrate those very same aspects of US culture.

It’s a big part of what makes the series so beloved, and whether fans recognize it or not, GTA is fully entrenched in America.

That said, we’d love to see a modern Grand Theft Auto title that dared to venture outside of the US – but we think a real GTA: Cambodia isn’t likely to surface in our lifetimes.

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