Rockstar Games has not shared anything about the highly-anticipated second trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 yet, but Spotify could have revealed what song will appear in GTA 6 Trailer 2!

The first trailer recently passed 175 million views on YouTube, and players can’t wait to see more from the most anticipated game of all time. However, as it has been almost 3 months since Trailer 1 came out, GTA fans are growing tired of waiting.

While we expect that Trailer 2 won’t be released for a while yet, there is some potentially exciting news regarding the trailer.

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted that the Spotify image for Ring My Bell by Anita Ward has been changed to the GTA 6 logo! But what does this mean?

Vice City GTA 6 Sign

Anita Ward’s Ring My Bell Has a GTA 6 Logo on Spotify

Ring My Bell is a 1979 disco song by Anita Ward. And while it was one of the most popular songs of its generation, it isn’t usually on the radar of most Grand Theft Auto fans.

However, Spotify users spotted the GTA 6 logo on Anita Ward’s artist page and then noticed that the logo for the game was also in the background of her most popular song, Ring My Bell.

UPDATE: It seems like Anita Ward’s Spotify account was hacked and Ring My Bell won’t be the Trailer 2 song!

You can listen to the song below:

Rockstar Games has not announced anything about the song, so the GTA community has begun investigating. The leading theory is that Ring My Bell will be featured in Trailer 2, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

As this is just a leak, there is no way of telling whether Ring My Bell by Anita Ward will be the song featured in GTA 6 Trailer 2. However, it seems very likely that it will be involved with the game in some way.

We explore whether this could actually be the Trailer 2 song, if it will be a song on the in-game radio, or whether it won’t be involved with GTA 6 at all!

Could It Be the Trailer 2 Song?

The song itself would be an interesting choice for the second trailer. In our opinion, it seems like it would fit a more retro Vice City vibe, but it could also still suit the vibrant, neon-tinted nightlife of the modern Vice City.

What seems more likely, however, is that Ring My Bell could act as a song to introduce a character in the next GTA 6 trailer. This is a suggestion by Detective, a prominent member of the GTA community on X (formerly Twitter).

They suggest that it could be used to introduce the protagonists, Lucia or Jason. However, it may be better used for an older character. After all, 70s disco isn’t really the vibe that Lucia or Jason give off!

Ring My Bell Could Be on the Soundtrack

Alternatively, Ring My Bell by Anita Ward could just be one of the songs on the GTA 6 soundtrack.

As spotted by Redditor kelseybasketball1994, the song was featured in a leaked GTA 6 playlist from 2022. Therefore, the GTA 6 logo on the song could just indicate that it will be in the game’s soundtrack, and it was mistakenly added early.

It would certainly suit a more retro, disco-style radio station in the game, probably more than it would for a song in a trailer.

It Might Be Unrelated!

While it seems very unlikely, there is also a small possibility that Ring My Bell may not be related to Grand Theft Auto 6.

Since it was first spotted, the GTA 6 logo has been removed from Ring My Bell, but it is still on the artist page for Anita Ward. Apparently, it can take 24 to 72 hours to change artist images on Spotify, so we expect Anita Ward’s image to go back to normal soon.

There is a possibility that the account was hacked by someone who wanted to create a stir in the GTA community, although it is slim. The most likely explanation is that the images were changed before they should have been!

Rockstar Games could also now decide to swap out this potential Trailer 2 song. If the surprise has been ruined, the developer may prefer to use another song instead.

Anita Ward GTA 6 Logo Spotify

Only time will tell whether Ring My Bell By Anita Ward will be featured in the next GTA 6 trailer. While we don’t know when it’ll drop, fans have come up with some crazy theories about its release date!

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