In an unprecedented show of hype for Rockstar Games’ upcoming title, the GTA 6 subreddit on Reddit has already surpassed 1 million members!

It’s clear by now that Grand Theft Auto 6 is one of the most anticipated games of all time, and there’s little better evidence to showcase this fact than size of the title’s online community.

Usually, a game in development will start to amass a budding grassroots community shortly before its release. And whenever a viral new title launches, it’s usually shortly afterward that the subreddit for that game explodes in popularity.

But in the case of GTA 6, fans are already flocking to online forums well in advance.

GTA 6 Subreddit Hits 1 Million Users

Over 1 million users have already joined the GTA 6 subreddit on Reddit, an incredible number of subscribers for a game that is yet to receive an official release date.

On the online forums, fans discuss Rockstar Games’ next open-world game, using the space to share theories, fan art, and more for the upcoming title.

GTA 6 1 Million Members on Reddit Subreddit

Recently, several posters have even taken to remaking the GTA 6 trailer, and we’ve seen remakes in both Minecraft and real-life Miami gaining traction in recent weeks.

Of course, with little to go on besides GTA 6’s Trailer 1, the subreddit is sure to go a little stir-crazy over the coming months.

After all, our analysis of past Rockstar projects suggests that we may not see GTA 6 Trailer 2 until the end of the year. And when Reddit communities run out of material to analyze, they often go a little bit insane.

If you’re looking for a good example of this, look no further than the /r/BatmanArkham subreddit, which devolved into madness after years of Rocksteady Studios’ Batman franchise not getting another release.

It’s unheard of for a subreddit to attract so many users prior to a game’s release. In fact, the main Grand Theft Auto subreddit only has 1.4 million subscribers to this day.

GTA Online, the largest subreddit for fans of the franchise, sits at an impressive 1.5 million users. But given that online forums only tend to explode in popularity after the release of a game, we can’t imagine the numbers that GTA 6’s own subreddit will hit later down the line.

GTA 6 Key Art Lucia and Jason Sitting on Car

What’s interesting is that the GTA 6 subreddit is already over twice as large as both of the GTA 5 subreddits combined! Even with /r/GTAV‘s 460,000 users and /r/GrandTheftAutoV‘s 320,000 users, both pale in comparison to the upcoming game’s forum.

As for why this is, it’s likely due to just how anticipated Rockstar Games’ new release is already. After all, the GTA 6 Trailer 1 broke YouTube records when it dropped in late 2024.

But it’s also partially due to the fact that the GTA 6 Reddit was created a whopping 11 years ago.

Despite this, the subreddit only surpassed 100,000 subscribers in April 2023 (according to Social Rise), with a larger spike happening in November 2023, after Rockstar announced that the trailer would drop the following month.

Given the hype for GTA 6 already, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it hit 2 million users before release day rolls around!

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