GTA 6 will hopefully have more mini-games than any previous Grand Theft Auto title – here are the ones we think should make the cut!

While the Grand Theft Auto series is about stealing cars, robbing banks, and causing chaos, there are also plenty of legal activities to take part in. This is because developer Rockstar Games fills its open worlds with interesting mini-games and activities to do.

And with GTA 6 promising to be the biggest and most exciting Grand Theft Auto game yet, we’ve got a list of 10 new or returning mini-games that we’d like to see in the game!


Pool in GTA 4

Firstly, both GTA: San Andreas and GTA 4 had surprisingly detailed pool mini-games. However, you couldn’t play pool in Grand Theft Auto 5.

Therefore, it would make a welcome return for Grand Theft Auto 6, although we wouldn’t mind it being a little easier this time. Players spent ages trying to complete the Pool Shark achievement in GTA 4, with many calling it the hardest achievement in the game!


GTA 5 Golf Course

Golf is almost certainly going to make a return in GTA 6, as the fictional Leonida is based on the state of Florida, which has the most golf courses in the USA!

Hopefully, GTA 6 would have more than one golf course or perhaps even a full 18-hole course to play on. This would add some much-needed additional content to build on the solid golf mechanics from GTA 5.


The Casino in GTA Online

Another great mini-game addition to GTA 6 would be a casino full of games like roulette, poker, and blackjack. After all, you’ll want as many ways to splash your (illegally earned) cash!

While the single-player GTA 5 never got a casino, as it remains under construction until this day, GTA Online finally got the casino in July 2019. The casino in GTA 6 could be an expanded version of the one in GTA Online, maybe with a few more games to play.


GTA 5 Michael Playing Tennis

Tennis was one of the most fleshed-out and enjoyable mini-games in GTA 5. Surely, it should return in Grand Theft Auto 6.

We’ve already seen a glimpse of what we believe to be a tennis court in GTA 6 Trailer 1, so it would be a shame if you couldn’t use it in-game!


GTA San Andreas Basketball

Basketball last appeared in GTA: San Andreas where you could shoot some hoops and try to get a high score as CJ. However, it looks like a much-improved version of basketball will be coming to GTA 6.

Leaks have revealed that Grand Theft Auto 6 could have a 3v3 basketball mode, and players are very excited about it. Hopefully, this leak is accurate, as who wouldn’t want to play some basketball in the Vice City streets?


GTA 5 Franklin Dirt Bike Race

While this one is obvious for Grand Theft Auto, we expect even more vehicle types to race in GTA 6.

Of course, GTA 5 races and time trials for a number of vehicle types, including cars, motorbikes, jetskis and airplanes, but we hope that this will be expanded upon in GTA 6. Fortunately, the first trailer for the game certainly hints that this will be the case.

In addition to cars, boats, planes, helicopters, and motorbikes, GTA 6 Trailer 1 gave fans glimpses of hovercrafts travelling through the marshes as well as the Thrillbilly Mud Club. In the background of this club, you can see a monster truck, which would be a great addition to GTA 6’s racing offering.

Hunting & Fishing

Deer in GTA 5

GTA 5’s hunting is a great way to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but Red Dead Redemption 2 took the hunting system to the next level. This would be a great addition to GTA 6!

Trailer 1 for the game has shown us a brief glimpse of the wildlife in Leonida, and while you probably won’t be hunting flamingos or pelicans, alligators would be fun to track down!

What’s more, leaks suggest that GTA 6’s map will be absolutely huge. This means there will be lots of room for some hunting spots and plenty more wildlife to find!

Bridges Between Islands GTA 6

As well as the ability to hunt, fishing would also be a great addition to GTA 6. Not only is there plenty of sea to go fishing in, but the first trailer for the game gave a brief look at the rivers, marshes and swamps in Leonida.

Therefore, we think that fishing would be a great addition to GTA 6, especially considering how deadly the aquatic creatures can be there! The sea should have sharks, and you may be able to find piranhas and catfish in the lakes and rivers.

The Stock Market

GTA 5 Stock Market

One of the more interesting mini-games in GTA 5 was the addition of the stock market. This allowed you to invest in stocks and make huge profits – although not everything was exactly above the board.

In a series of side missions for Lester, you could manipulate the stock market by assassinating certain influential people. This would then cause share prices to rise or plummet.

With the rise of cryptocurrency and NFTs in the past few years, Rockstar Games has the potential to get even more satirical with missions like these in GTA 6!


GTA 4 Bowling

This suggestion is bound to be divisive amongst longtime GTA fans. Of course, anyone who has played GTA 4 will be aware of the near-constant calls from your cousin Roman to go bowling.

The mini-game itself would be a little bit of fun, but it might just be worth including as a reference to this often-quoted GTA meme. If bowling makes an appearance in GTA 6, let’s hope there isn’t a relative who keeps pestering you about it!


GTA 5 Vespucci Beach Gym

Finally, one of the most highly-requested mini-games for GTA 6 is a fitness mini-game. Going to the gym could raise your character’s health and stamina and maybe even change their appearance, like CJ in GTA: San Andreas.

This would add an extra level of immersion to Grand Theft Auto 6 and make your character more customizable, which is always a good thing.

The scale of Grand Theft Auto 6 seems to be absolutely vast, especially considering that it has an estimated budget of $2 billion. Therefore, don’t be surprised if we see even more mini-games than the ones featured on our list!

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