Lucia is the main character in GTA 6, and Grand Theft Auto fans are now fully convinced that they have found the actor who is playing her!

GTA 6 Trailer 1 focused on Lucia. It started with her speaking to a correctional officer in prison and ended with her robbing a convenience store with her partner in crime, a man thought to be called Jason.

Even though Rockstar Games has not revealed who will be playing Lucia in GTA 6, fans of the series quickly identified Manni L. Perez as an actor who could be playing the protagonist.

Now, however, some further investigation into Manni L. Perez over the last few days has fully convinced the Grand Theft Auto community that she is Lucia.

Lucia Looking at the Prison Yard in GTA 6

Why Fans Are Ceratin Manni L. Perez Is Lucia

First are foremost, Manni L. Perez looks almost identical to Lucia in the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6.

And while motion capture actors don’t necessarily have to look exactly the same as the video game character they are playing, it certainly helps.

A video from Redditor u/Ill_Natural_7723 shows side-by-side comparisons of Manni L. Perez and Lucia, and the resemblance is uncanny. It would be an extremely strange coincidence if she wasn’t playing a character that looks exactly like her!

Next, the same GTA fan also posted a video comparing Lucia’s voice to Manni L. Perez’s voice acting as a character in the Casino update for GTA Online.

Once again, this points towards Perez being the actor behind Lucia in GTA 6, as the voices sound almost exactly the same.

Finally, as if the appearance and voice weren’t enough to convince you, then an interview from Manni L. Perez points towards this even further.

When speaking on the YouTube channel Conversations with Ope, Perez said: “I’ve been transitioning my career into voiceover and motion capture”.

Previously, she has appeared in TV shows like Law & Order and Jessica Jones, as well as a couple of feature-length movies. However, this interview indicates that not only is she now voice acting but providing motion capture for roles too, something which would certainly be part of GTA 6.

Between all of this information, it seems almost certain that Manni L. Perez will be playing Lucia in GTA 6. Although, don’t expect Rockstar Games to confirm this any time soon.

GTA 6 Trailer 2 looks set to arrive in December 2024, and Rockstar may not even confirm who is playing Lucia then!

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