GTA 6 is confirmed for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, but will Rockstar Games finally allow fans to play crossplay with users on different hardware?

The Grand Theft Auto franchise has never been crossplay-friendly. In fact, GTA 5 does not allow cross-platform play between Xbox, PlayStation, and PC systems even a decade after its launch.

But what’s perhaps even more surprising is that the latest GTA title doesn’t even have crossplay between the PS4/Xbox One and its next-gen versions!

This is perhaps explained by the PS5/Xbox Series X/S systems enhancing the game, allowing select cars to move faster, and improving controls and rendering distance, but it’s still a rather telling decision.

Is Cross-Platform or Crossplay Confirmed?

No, as of right now, GTA 6 does not have confirmed cross-platform or crossplay online, which would allow users on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S to play together.

Rockstar Games has not commented on crossplay whatsoever and has, therefore, not officially confirmed or denied the feature as of yet.

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We will update this article as soon as confirmation arrives as to whether friends on opposing systems can play together.

In the meantime, here’s why we don’t think it’s likely:

Why GTA 6 Crossplay Isn’t Likely

As mentioned above, GTA 5 does not have crossplay even a decade on from its initial release in 2013. It is likely that, because of this, GTA 6 will also launch without the ability to play cross-platform.

Crossplay in GTA Online has been one of the most common fan requests within the game’s community. Despite this fact, Rockstar has been unwilling (or possibly unable) to add the feature to GTA 5’s online mode.

GTA 6 Lucia and Male Main Character Stealing

What’s more, Red Dead Redemption 2’s online mode also doesn’t have crossplay compatibility.

There were, admittedly, many versions of GTA 5 to take into account, from the PS3/Xbox 360 launch to the PS4/Xbox One port, and eventually even the PS5/Xbox Series X/S release.

Because of this, it may have been more difficult to get crossplay working. However, Red Dead Redemption 2 only launched on PS4/Xbox One, and it still lacks the feature.

It could be that Rockstar Games will listen to player demand and implement crossplay with GTA 6. But we certainly wouldn’t hold our breath.

Particularly where PC is concerned.

What About PC?

GTA 6 does not have a confirmed PC port at this point in time, so crossplay between consoles and PC is impossible.

However, it is very likely that Grand Theft Auto 6 will get a PC port in 2026, according to our analysis.

Thrillbilly Mud Club in GTA 6

If and when the port does arrive, PC players are likely to be excluded from any potential cross-platform gameplay anyway. This is due to the large number of hackers that are prevalent in GTA Online for PC.

In both GTA Online and Red Dead Online, it seems relatively easy for malicious users to cheat and ruin the experience for other players.

Unless Rockstar Games has a secret new anti-cheat in the works, we don’t expect GTA 6’s online (whatever that looks like) to allow PC users to play cross-platform – even if crossplay is available on PlayStation and Xbox.

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