Michael, Franklin, and Trevor were all amazing protagonists, but could they or any other GTA 5 characters turn up in GTA 6?

We’ve had over ten years to enjoy the cast of GTA 5, and although most fans will be more familiar with their GTA Online protagonist at this point, some are calling for their favorites to return in GTA 6.

It’s certainly possible for some familiar faces to turn up in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto title. And while we can’t confirm whether they will or not just yet, here’s what we do know:

Could Michael, Franklin, or Trevor Be in GTA 6?

Yes, in theory, it would be possible for GTA 5 protagonists Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, or Trevor Philips to be in GTA 6.

We know that all three protagonists survive the events of GTA 5 in its canon ending, given that the storyline continues in GTA Online.

Franklin in GTA Online

In fact, Franklin even returned in the game’s multiplayer component, where he is reintroduced as a successful entrepreneur and multi-millionaire owner of the F. Clinton and Partner agency.

Both Michael and Trevor are mentioned in GTA Online too, indicating that all three protagonists are alive and well in 2021.

This implies that the true ending of the GTA 5 story was the Deathwish ending, in which all three protagonists team up to take down all their enemies once and for all.

Given that GTA 6 takes place in the same HD timeline as GTA 5 (for those unaware, Grand Theft Auto has three distinct timelines that its games are set in), and provided that GTA 6 does take place in 2025, as we expect, there’s no reason why the characters couldn’t return!

GTA 5 Protagonists Franklin Michael Trevor

Of course, they’d all be a little older, with Michael and Trevor having aged by a decade since their last canon appearance. But the protagonists could easily be brought back, or referenced in-game, should Rockstar choose.

Main Characters Have Returned in the Past

It’s worth pointing out that several of Grand Theft Auto’s protagonists have made appearances in other games besides their own in the past. However, it doesn’t usually end well for that character.

Almost like it’s Rockstar’s way of keeping their new cast in the spotlight, a GTA character outside of their own game often meets a grisly end.

Johnny Klebitz

The most recent example of this could be seen in GTA 5, where GTA 4’s ‘The Lost and the Damned’ DLC protagonist Johnny Klebitz returned. Unfortunately, in the time between GTA 4 and 5, Johnny became addicted to meth and was severely weaker than the last time we saw him.

During the introduction of Trevor Philips, the unhinged GTA 5 protagonist is shown having sex with Johnny’s longtime girlfriend.

When confronted by a weakened Johnny, Trevor proceeds to easily and unceremoniously beat the man to death.

Victor Vance and Toni Cipriani

Another time a GTA character has returned in another game can be seen in Vice City Stories, where players take control of Victor Vance. However, in this instance, we already knew Vance was going to die, given that he meets his end in the opening of the original Vice City.

Victor Vance in GTA

Getting to play as Victor in the prequel game was an interesting turn of events, but it’s tragic to know that despite the character’s best efforts, he returns to a life of crime after the events of his own story.

In addition, Vance dramatically changed his appearance between the two games, and dies soon after our time with him is done.

Thankfully, at least, when we play as Toni Cipriani in Liberty City Stories (a prequel to Liberty City), we know that the character goes on to be a high-ranking member of the Leone Crime Family, achieving his goals.

Toni Cipriani in GTA

Will Any Character Return?

Chances are, we’ll see or hear about at least one familiar character in GTA 6. However, we don’t expect to see any major players from GTA 6 show their faces.

It’s more likely that we’ll hear a recognizable name thrown around by a character in passing, or referenced during a mission.

However, we’re still hoping for a cameo somewhere down the line – and there’s sure to be plenty in whatever GTA 6’s version of GTA Online looks like!

After all, assuming that GTA 6’s multiplayer will run for as long as its predecessor, there’s a good chance recurring characters will be needed to move the storyline along. In GTA 5’s online component, all manner of familiar faces have cropped up over the years.

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