After GTA 5 was known for its wacky heists, some fans want a more grounded and down-to-earth level of crime in GTA 6.

Grand Theft Auto started out as a game about street-level crime, but over the years, missions have evolved from simple car theft to elaborate heists or battles against the government itself.

Although GTA 5 shines in its most outlandish moments, some fans are calling on GTA 6 to offer a more grounded and realistic take on crime once again.

Fans Want Realistic Crime in GTA 6

In a new post to the incredibly popular GTA 6 subreddit, fans discuss Rockstar’s approach to crime, with many fans hoping that criminal activity feels a bit more down-to-earth in the upcoming game.

Our first look at new protagonists Lucia and Jason in Trailer 1 does feature them robbing a small store before making a speedy getaway, after all.

Lucia and Jason Store Robbery in GTA 6 Trailer 1

And many commenters hope that the upcoming Grand Theft Auto follows in Red Dead Redemption 2’s footsteps, offering exciting missions without the need to go overboard.

“Look, GTA 5 is a great game and I’ve had my fun with it but it has some of the most wackiest, out-there missions I’ve seen in the series,” Reddit user Zealousideal_Roll827 writes. “I mean, some of these missions were straight out of a new Fast & Furious movie.”

The user points out that the recent Red Dead Redemption sequel was far more based in reality than a game that had you infiltrating the government to steal a chemical weapon, or pulling off extreme heists.

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Other users point out that GTA 4 starts out with players pulling off low-stakes crimes, with only a handful of enemies to deal with.

These missions always feel a lot more grounded, and less immersion-breaking than having our protagonists gun down hundreds of armed men in a single sitting.

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Even if GTA 6 eventually lets loose and allows players to get a little wild, it would certainly be nice to see some smaller but still immersive criminal activity shine from time to time.

GTA 5 vs GTA 6’s Themes

It’s worth pointing out, however, that GTA 5 acts as a sort of tribute to over-the-top action movies as a whole.

Michael is shown to be a fan of old movies, and one plotline even follows him attempting to make a film of his own.

Michael Watching TV in GTA 5

As such, the dramatic setpieces, elaborate heist plans, and guns-blazing full frontal assaults all live up to that action movie motif.

GTA 6, on the other hand, may have a very different theme. So far we’ve seen Lucia getting released from prison, only to go back to robbing a small store with her partner, Jason.

“I think this time around heists will be way more grounded, similar to RDR2. They will start by robbing small stores, specific targets like rich influences, later they go for yachts, cruise ships and stuff like that. Maybe at the end of the game they get confident enough to rob banks.”


It’s early days, but it seems likely that GTA 6 isn’t about to start jumping the shark, at least not too early in the game.

Though we’re certain the stakes will ramp up throughout the story, and fans should still expect some memorable moments in the game’s missions. This time, it may be better for Rockstar Games to leave the craziest content for GTA 6’s online component!

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