Lucia being the first-ever voiced female protagonist in the Grand Theft Auto series is a big deal, but will it significantly change the open world of GTA 6?

The reveal that GTA 6 would feature a female main character was one that took the internet by storm.

Despite the fact that the original Grand Theft Auto did feature the option to play as one of four women in its initial character selection, this is the first time we’ve had a fully-fledged, voiced female protagonist.

But will Lucia’s gender change aspects of Leonida and Vice City’s open world? And will we see a significant difference when swapping over to Jason?

Will Lucia and Jason Play Differently?

GTA 6 fans over on the game’s subreddit have been discussing all the ways in which the world of GTA 6 may feel different while players are in control of Lucia.

Some fans realistically suggest that Lucia will feature different animations when compared to her male counterpart.

Lucia and Jason Guns Out Robbing Store in GTA 6

It’s likely that we may see minor differences due to Lucia and Jason being different heights, and the characters may handle differently due to their body types.

These minute adjustments aren’t likely to be too noticeable to the average fan, but Rockstar Games is known for its attention to detail, so we expect eagle-eyed players will spot some changes.

It’s worth noting that GTA Online characters don’t differ in any way based on gender, but it’s much more likely that this will change with two main characters designed to have different body types.

Character Stats and Specialities

It’s also likely that Lucia and Jason will have individual character stats and specialties, as we saw with Michael, Franklin, and Trevor in GTA 5.

In the most recent Grand Theft Auto title, each of the three protagonists had different starting stats, with Michael being an expert in Shooting and Stealth, while Trevor excelled in Strength and Flying.

GTA 5 Main Characters in Suits

Of course, all characters could raise their stats in each of the eight in-game skills simply through practice. But the stat bars served as a good starting point which really helped the characters feel like experts in specific gameplay mechanics.

Franklin’s expertise behind the wheel led to him even gaining a special ability, allowing the character to slow down time and boost vehicle handling while driving.

Each of the three protagonists has a unique ability, though it has not yet been revealed whether or not Lucia and Jason will get similar special bonuses. It is likely, though, that the duo will each have their own strengths and weaknesses to contend with.

How the World Might Be Different

But it’s not just the difference in body type that could be the biggest factor in why playing as Lucia may feel different in GTA 6.

As the /r/GTA6 community points out, it’s likely that having a female protagonist might change how the world responds to you in the first place.

Lucia Sitting in Jail Office in GTA 6

Lucia, for example, might deal with more harassment from the public, through the use of catcalling or unwanted male attention.

byu/reef_fart from discussion

There may also be select areas that cater only to men or women, such as individual clothing stores, gendered gyms, and so forth.

Of course, this being GTA, we doubt Rockstar Games is going to stop anyone from exploring an area based on their character choice.

But the developer is very likely to add specific character reactions to your presence based on whether you’re playing as Jason or Lucia at that moment.

For now, we can’t wait to see what Rockstar has in store for us. And, with Lucia shaping up to earn a spot on our list of GTA’s best protagonists already, we’re looking forward to seeing more from her!

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